Finding your happy plaice (a working title)

I’m writing this from a cafe-come-brunchery (new word)-come-bar in the evenings-come-hub for ladies of leisure who cannot reverse their husbands' Range Rover for shit, in Didsbury. I arrived home last night after being away at a yoga retreat where my biggest worry all weekend was finding my “center”. I’m wearing Lulu Lemon leggings and supping … Continue reading Finding your happy plaice (a working title)


I am, the majority of the time painfully aware of how pathetic I am. It’s a hard pill to swallow realising it is yourself who laughs the hardest at your own jokes; who, more often than not finds remnants of lunch on their cheek 4 hours after consumption; I often feel inspired to change my … Continue reading Padella


Sometimes I play this game in my head, where if I could erase one entire boxset from my brain, just so I could rewatch it all again with the same glorious feelings of anticipation and excitement, what would I pick? Each and every time, it would be "Lost". If I was trying to be a … Continue reading Kala