give me all your oven’, all your bread and butter too

“Have you decided what you’d like to order?” “Oh! Just another couple of minutes please, in fact - if you were entrusted with changing my life and I asked you to pick between the sage and butter gnocchi or the sausage rigatoni, which would you tell me I should go for?” Just one of the … Continue reading give me all your oven’, all your bread and butter too

Slow Cooked Lamb

**Disclaimer: hyper aware that the featured image is indeed of a croissant and not of slow-cooked lamb, but I haven't had lamb at all since lockdown hit as I don't have charcoal pit and that's only one of two ways I'll consume lamb (second is if it's cooked by Masterchef Jan...third is in a Bhuna, … Continue reading Slow Cooked Lamb

mcr – dub

I should be packing right now.  More specifically, I should be sucking the air our of the vacuum sealed pack of clothes I just compiled - only sans 1 item despite my attempts to Marie Kondo the shit out of my possessions and “declutter my life”. A near-impossible exercise when you find joy in literally … Continue reading mcr – dub

Finding your happy plaice (a working title)

I’m writing this from a cafe-come-brunchery (new word)-come-bar in the evenings-come-hub for ladies of leisure who cannot reverse their husbands' Range Rover for shit, in Didsbury. I arrived home last night after being away at a yoga retreat where my biggest worry all weekend was finding my “center”. I’m wearing Lulu Lemon leggings and supping … Continue reading Finding your happy plaice (a working title)