Get Chucked

Getting Chucked is the worst right? WRONG!

Okay, so I’m not talking Getting Chucked in the conventional sense, I’m talking “Get Chucked”, the pop-up turned permanent eatery found in the trendy town of Urmston.

The menu, quite frankly is filthy.  Specialising in meatalicious burgs, these fellas have a real special way with their food, stretching their ingenious ideas to delicious dogs and fries too and offer unique and experimental combinations by the trayful.

Intrigued? Then read on friend, cos I have a feeling I’ve found the home of your new booty call burger and trust me, she’s real special.

Taking a seat in their modest yet slightly industrial-esque space, it’s apparent that Get Chucked has taken a total no frills approach to the decor and is confident enough to give the food centre stage. Reading through the menu offerings which dripped with promises of flavourful meat treats, my tummy gurgled with excitement of meeting the all-star cast.

Making our orders at the bar, I eagerly signed up for the Body Poppa whilst my co-diner plumped for The Dogfather and a side of piggie fries to share.

Delivered effortlessly on parchment-covered silver lunch trays, the starring roles were presented like art. Delicious, mouth-watering art.


A handsome hunk of a burger, my double patty stack came fully loaded with a gooey square of melted classic American cheese, crispy smoked streaky bacon, caramelised onions, crispy snaps of matchstick fries and final lashings of BBQ sauce and chipotle mayo for extra flavour flave.

Seriously naughty business.

My fellow foodie’s Hot Dog wore a uniform of similar decadence. This fat Frank lay tightly hugged by a glistening, bronzed sub wearing a generous layer of smoked streaky bacon, onions, and bubblingly oozy melted smoked cheese. Crispy bacon bits and lashings of BBQ sauce and hot mustard added the final flourish to this deliciously dressed dog.


Overcome with lust, we hungrily tucked in to our meat feasts with hopes that they would taste as filthy-freaky as they looked.

Spoiler alert…..they totally did.

Rich, juicy, sumptuous and sweet; the Body Poppa burg was a luscious and indulgent affair. Each chomp gave a mouthful of tender, chucked beef patty with the embellishments contributing to the taste of a really satisfying Southern American feed.

The chefs (aka the miracle makers) at Get Chucked are considerate enough to know you’re gonna need a spare hand to shovel fries in your mouth at regular intervals and so stack this meat dream with efficiency, allowing you to tackle it one-handed; it’s that kind of thoughtfulness that really solidifies a friendship.


The fries, presented by the basketful were beyond perfection, dirty perfection. Above average fries enhanced with smoky flavours of chipotle mayonnaise, squeezes of zig-zagged ketchup, bacon bits and the metaphorical icing on the cake? Crispy bites of Pork Crunch Frazzles guys! I don’t know what the rules are, but I’m pretty sure Get Chucked just broke them all with that last ingredient, and you know what? I’m glad they did.

The dirty dog was nothing short of pedigree. Thick bites of smoked pork frankfurter were balanced by sweet flavours from the cooked onions and BBQ sauce, while the crushed bacon bits added a welcomed textured crunch to every mouthful. Knowing no hot dog is complete without its classic condiment, Get Chucked squirt hot American mustard liberally for a final kick.

We polished off our orders without struggle leaving nothing but remnants of runaway meat juices down our forearms. What pleasantly surprised me about Get Chucked was how, despite ranking high on the “pimp my burg” scale, nothing tastes processed or overworked, often the problem when playing with add-ons on an excess.

The overall quality of the food was incredibly high; the meat tender and juicy with enough enhancing additions to make each offering a flavour train to a new delectable destination.

Rumour has it Get Chucked are hunting down a second premises in the city centre, but until then, you’re safe in the knowledge that the Urmston branch is here to stay and available as your new second home, and thank chuck for that!


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