Evelyn’s Cafe and Bar

The divine possibility of a brunch is most definitely my favourite part of any weekend.

I mean brunch, how can you not love it? A block of mid-morning bliss where you can have your eggs any way you want ‘em AND order a Bloody Mary before 12pm without getting judged?

Sigh, if only every day could start so wonderfully.

Now, you can never have too many go-tos when it comes to brunch, and I am very excited to share my latest find.

And what’s even more delicious about it? Many of the options practically cover half of your 5-a-day!

Now for me, when it comes to brunch, the more indulgent the better. Soft, toasted muffins, buttery-rich hollandaise, ooft! Isn’t it just the best? But often I find myself craving something slightly more refreshing, invigorating if you will – that’ll leave me ready to seize the day rather than a duvet and 2 hour post-brunch nap.

But “where?” I hear you ask. Where does such a place exist that marries nutritious food with delicious decadence?

The name my friend, is Evelyn’s. Evelyn’s Cafe and Bar.

Previously the old Superstore, this Northern Quarter space was refurbed and reinvented to create your friendly neighbourhood cafe. Light and airy, the exposed brick walls, succulents and hanging plants create uplifting and clean vibes capable of neutralizing any headaches (or hangover) like the chicest botanical garden.

The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, with a stretched breakfast bar positioned at the window and large tables for communal dining, however it’s clear one thing is taken seriously in the joint; food (and intense plant care apparently.)

Taking a seat at the breakfast bar, even the dismal Manchester weather wasn’t enough to dampen the brightness of the restaurant interior.

Ordering pots of Jasmine and Moroccan Mint tea, we considered the menu before making our orders.


The breakfast is a mixture of brunch classics with exciting new additions thought up by Evelyn’s chef Byron Moses. With many of the plates inspired by Asian flavours, the menu is a flavoursome balance to please every bruncher, whether you’re looking to play it safe with simple eggs on toast, or shake it up with Shakshuka or Korean Chicken.

With a craving to nourish my body, I had opted for the Green Bowl which combined softened kale, spinach, avocado, puy lentils and a soft boiled egg (which I changed to poached.)


Diving in, I prodded and scooped at my bowl of health, surprised slightly at just how delicious kale could become (a far cry from my gritty past experiences). The spinach had been seasoned to give a beautifully sweet edge to its natural bitter taste. Bursting my egg, the bright orange yolk oozed and dripped into the other components of my breakfast, warming it with its sunny and milky texture.

The lentils added a welcomed peppery bite to the bowl, bulking out the dish to make it a filling yet satisfying option.

My fellow brunch lover opted for the avocado with poached egg on toast. Chunky hunks of soft avocado topped a golden, buttery toasted slice of sourdough, crowned with bulging poached eggs, begging to be popped.


Egg and avocado is always a winning combination; the runny, rich, gooey-ness of the egg highlighting the flavour of the avocado which lay in its own thick green sauce. The crisp bite of savoury toast balanced the textures perfectly and maintained its crunch until the very end.


If you’re looking for a unique approach to brunch, Evelyn’s is definitely the rendezvous the Northern Quarter has been craving. With options to suit all tastes and hungers whether you’re in the mood for health or hearty, it’s a sure crowd-pleaser and even has an evening menu for those looking for round 2, just in case your first visit wasn’t naughty enough.



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