Beef and Pudding

One of my favourite questions to ask people is: “What’s your favourite genre of food?”

The answers are always the same; Indian, Thai, Italian etcetera however it’s oh so rare that anyone mentions our tiny, albeit great island and frankly I think this is a bit of a crime.

Okay so maybe we don’t infuse an abundance of flavours like the rest of them and maybe our presentation isn’t quite as chic, but could you really live in a world where there were no Sunday Roasts, Bangers and Mash ceased to exist and Black Pudding Scotch Eggs were just a figment of your wildest fantasies?

Perish the thought.

Whilst I am a lady with an international palette, I couldn’t help but feel I had been neglecting the flavours of our nation and wanting to get back to my home comforts (without actually having to peel a spud myself) headed to Beef and Pudding to get my fill.

Settling in at our table, we ordered a table of classics; Fish and Chips, Beef Suet Pudding and Mash and a Beef Roast with all the trimmings.

A feast of sizeable proportions arrived, and by golly was it beautiful.


An endearingly humungous fried cod took up the majority of the first plate, its wonderfully crisp, golden batter crackling against the cutlery to reveal flaky and soft bites of white fish. Lying freely among a large portion of thick fluffy chips, 2 rounds of butter-lathered, chunky bread are provided to make the chip butty you’ve been dreaming of alongside a pot of possibly the best homemade tartar sauce I’ve ever had.


Next up came Everest. A mountain of mash, creamy and whipped commandeering the surface of the plate, a beef suet pudding standing proudly on top of its peak drenched in glugs of gravy. A pipette, filled with horseradish was poised to infiltrate the meaty filling, I injected my main before diving in, piercing the soft pastry to release hunks of thickly cut beef, stewed in a thick deep gravy.

Words fail me here, as this was quite honestly the best Beef Pudding I think I’ve ever had. Soft, doughy, meaty – a girl couldn’t want for more!

The soft, buttery mash and vinegar-infused mushy peas were the quintessential pairing and perfect complimentary addition to the meal. These sides allowed each individual flavour to stand out whilst still marrying together those rich, homely flavours; true comfort food at its best.


Lastly, the Roast. Whilst it was slightly less hot than we would have preferred, everything from the meat, to the roasted veg and crowning glory of the Yorkshire pudding was everything you could have wanted from this staple Sunday dish.

Already dripping in lusciously thick gravy any nan would be proud to serve, the chefs at Beef and Pudding had the good sense to provide an additional gravy boat of the good stuff on the side, just in case.


Having reached that deliciously stuffed stage that seems to only be achievable after a good Sunday feed, our server Jamie popped over with a plate piled high with thickly-cut doorstop bread.

“You can’t just leave that gravy on your plate!” He grinned.

Oh Jamie, you are so right.

Rolling up our sleeves, we each grabbed a hunk of the brazenly cut loaf and mopped up the remainder of our meal, taking fluffy white bites of gravy-soaked slices as we exclaimed our delight to this simple yet incredibly welcomed gesture.

With no trace of our meal left bar a few teeny crumbs on the plate, we set back out onto the quiet Sunday streets, satisfied with our authentically British afternoon.

At Beef and Pudding, every meal is a Sunday meal; hearty classics which stay true to flavour but are presented in a new and gloriously gluttonous way. The perfect place to feed your appetite after a day of bumbling around the streets of Manchester, I highly recommend you give it a try.

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