Chocolate. It’s just the bestest, isn’t it?

So good it just makes you want to invent words to describe how it makes you feel.

Those smooth bars of velvet dreams; thick, liquid drinks and sweet blocks of chunky delight – there’s just so many ways to enjoy the humble cocoa bean and I’m so grateful to it for that.

Any one in their right mind loves a nibble, so I won’t waste my breath selling it to you, because chances are if you’re reading this – you’re a fiend, just like me. But one place I HAVE to tell you all about is Choccywoccydoodah – and their cafe of sheer wonder.

More than likely, you will have already heard of Choccywoccydoodah or if you’re extremely lucky, you will have popped in for a lil somethin’ somethin’….just like I did earlier this week.


Popping into their London cafe found in the midst of Soho, Choccywoccydoodah sure know how to entice passers-by. With sweet smells of brewed hot chocolate escaping from the doorway and the sight of chocolate favours to appease all, even a savoury Suzy would find themselves powerless to resist.

Downstairs you’ll find oodles of chocolate slabs, cakes and confectionery to treat your loved ones with…


But that’s not where you need to be right now, no. Take those stairs in the corner, and follow them directly up to the business-end of this joint.

Velvet chaise longue’s and boudoir-esque decor contribute to the deliciously gothic and cosy setting  Choccywoccydoodah evoke oh-so wonderfully.

A line-up of impossibly decadent-looking cakes adorn a centralised dresser, a feature in the direct eye-line of any seated diner.

I plumped for the cosiest of couches and nestled into the menu, my mouth already watering at the offerings the cafe promised. Shortly after, I was greeted by my server who was positively bonkers (her words – not mine, and I totally adored her for it).

She recommended the White Truffle Cake and I was sold instantly, adding one of their famous Milk Drinking Chocolates for good measure.

I was there for the long-run, and if you don’t leave with diabetes, you’re definitely doing it wrong.

The slab of cake along with its super-sweet sidekicks arrived in total gluttonous glory.


A doorstop of soft, rich chocolate sponge encased in a silky, smooth, hardened milk chocolate blanket, covering the entirety of the cake.

Liberal lashings of Belgium chocolate and raspberry coulis turn this already-piece-of-art into a straight-up Jackson Pollock, and I was more than ready to have this hanging proudly in my stomach.

Cracking my spoon against the chocolate shell, I scooped a spoonful of the rich sponge, lined with the sweetly spread white truffle filling.


The cake is dense with flavour; enticing cocoa flavours with the added impact of gooey, sweet, melted chocolate. The oozy globs of coulis adding an intense bitter bite, balancing the cake from being too sweet, too rich, too anything but pure magic.

My slice disappeared as quickly as it appeared, leaving nothing but a meager crumb and smear of truffle frosting on my lips.

It was an emotional ending.

Lucky I still had my Hot Drinking Chocolate to comfort me.


Topped with a fluffy crown of whipped cream and chunky marshmallows, its a Hot Chocolate to ruin all future hot chocolates.

One sip and I was enveloped in a deep, warm and blissful hug. Velvety gulps of molten chocolate slipping down my throat, warming and embracing my appetite like an old friend.

Glugging my beverage down with gusto, I drained the mugful, feeling immensely satisfied with the past hour of my life.

If you can’t quite bear to drag yourself away from the plush grotto of  Choccywoccydoodah straight away, be sure to loiter in the shop just below the cafe.

The shop itself is chocolate-lovers paradise with admittedly a slightly higher than average price tag, but after your sample upstairs, we both know it’s totally worth it.

Have you been to Choccywoccydoodah? Tell me everything; orders, tastes, the inevitable food coma…I’d love a recommendation for future visits.

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