You know what I really dig?

A really tasty bit of meat.

Oh! And anything breaded…gravy is always good too…

Oh heck, I’m a sucker for any food that’s indulgent and comforting and any eatery which can promise me this in a low-lit setting.

Cue Hawksmoor. Which not only promised me this but boy, sure delivered.

One of several restaurants of its kind in the UK, Hawksmoor in Manchester was high on my list to sample and I was all kinds of excited when an occasion arose that gave me an excuse to sample.

Remembering to pick up my dry-cleaning on time is more than a reason to celebrate right?

Arriving mid-evening, one of the things which immediately struck me when entering Hawksmoor was how darn friendly everyone was. From the host, to the serving waiters, even the chaps behind the bar – everyone stopped to say hello, leaving me feeling as though I had doubled my entire friend list before even taking a seat.

Jerome came to take our order and was friendly, attentive and showed no signs of judgement when we proceeded to order off both the main and bar menu – all the qualities you could possibly wish for in a server.

First up, the short-rib nuggets. A snack which is nothing short of a divine, miracle creation – order these.


Breaded pieces of chucked rib, each mouthful is a crunchy bite of perfection with the soft payoff of rich BBQ-infused rib.

I really wish I had a snap of these fellas in all their glory – but the reality is, I took the above picture…and then immediately shoved them into my mouth.

No regrets.

Whilst Hawksmoor is famous for their steaks, I went slightly off-course and instead signed up for the Chicken Poutine Barm.

Granted it doesn’t look like much, but packs a comforting amount of flavour in an otherwise-unsuspecting package.


A soft oven bottom, stuffed with pieces of a freshly roasted and scragged chicken. Fries are added to this pile-up, along with lashings of cheese curd and finally topped with a well-fried duck egg.

What makes this party really interesting – is the accompaniment of chicken gravy, ready for your distribution.

Granted, the gravy could have been a little thicker; I feel this sandwich would have benefit even more so from proper gloops of gravy, alas it was still a taste sensation combining comforting flavours, contrasting textures all hugged together in an impossibly fluffy, classic roll.

A side order of Mac and Cheese is always a must – and Hawksmoor really go to town to make sure it’s a humdinger of a dish.


An oozy, cheesy melting pot of dreams with the added bonus of a crisp, breadcrumb lid –  this macaroni ticks all the boxes and is most certainly worthy of an order (just look at the length on that cheddar!)


With still approximately 10% of my stomach left to fill – I knew exactly what I wanted my encore to be.

Let me introduce you to….The Ambassador’s Reception.


Basically, a giant Ferrero Roche.

And it don’t get much better than that.

A mass of silky, decadently rich, hazelnut velvet filling in a giant chocolate and nut infused orb, a tribute to a Christmas favourite but bigger and better than ever before.

Holy moley.


A truly sensational way to round up your meal and a total worthy reason to loosen the notches on your belt.

The Peanut Butter Shortbread was also ordered for the table and evoked similar moans of delight from anyone who got a spoon in.


Frankly, it seems you really can’t go wrong regardless of what you order at Hawksmoor.

Tempted? Please, of course you are.

Put this place high on your list of restaurants to try – and be sure to tell me what you order!

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