Lunch and Brunch at Ladurée

I hope you don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that Ladurée could possibly be the most divine patisserie in the universe.

But by golly, I really think it could be!

I won’t bore you too greatly with the details, a little background information and then I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

And believe me, they have A LOT to say.

Walking the length of the Champs-Élysées before a bite of breakfast or even a whiff of coffee can be quite the risky business, especially when the temptation of other not-quite-so-substantial cafes or pop-up coffee chains are in your line of sight

But hold out and keep walking, trust me it’s worth it.

Just a few more steps….almost there….you made it!


Look up, no it isn’t a mirage my friend, you are indeed standing outside patisserie extraordinaire, 75 Av. des Champs-Élysées, home of  Ladurée’s exquisite pastries, macarons and more.

Hop on in and request a table for brunch.

Be sure to order the Hot Chocolat Ladurée.


And a couple of pastries so it doesn’t get lonely…


We opted for Brioche (excellent when dipped in said Hot Chocolate), Chocolate and Pistachio Croissant (a new favourite – I can’t believe I’ve lived 26 years without it!) And a final pastry which I forget the name of but is soaked in Rum – you’re really going to want to order that.

Impossibly perfect and decadently sweet, it was most definitely what the doctor ordered.

Before you leave, be sure to buy a selection of their famous macarons to take with you (I believe it is a Parisian crime not to do so…)


And devour under the Eiffel Tower.

Could you be more French right now?

So that was Brunch at Ladurée…now let’s skip forward a day or two to our second encounter.

Whilst in the title I said this was Lunch, it was more post-Lunch dessert, which isn’t necessarily a thing – but most certainly should be.


Spotting the boutique branch whilst wandering aimlessly through the streets of Paris, we simply “popped in” for a look…and conveniently tumbled into a table for two where the menus practically fell into our laps.

Always being one for a sign, I thought this was more than a reason to stay.

Ordering yet more Hot Chocolat Ladurée, we plumped for Mille Feuille, Chocolate Eclair and a Plaisur Sucre to satisfy our dwindling sugar levels.



The Mille Feuille is quite divine. A fairly messy affair, but all the best foods are.

The Chocolate Eclair was just okay, a little lackluster in comparison to the other treats on offer.

The Plaisur Sucre is a cross between a Kit Kat filled with creamy Nutella with a Ferroro Roche coating.

Order two, it really is the bees knees.

I highly recommend you visit Ladurée for the novelty, the elegance and ultimately the Fairytale offerings of dreaminess which will greet you from all angles.

Go and please eat two of everything for me!!


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