How to Breakfast in San Francisco

I’m currently going through a mild obsession with breakfast food at the moment.

Scrambles, yogurt parfaits, bacon, smoothies, pancakes, bacon, anything with a side of toast….


And for me, there’s truly nothing more exciting than the mouth-watering promise of breakfast in a foreign city.

You wake up horrendously early, still not yet acclimatised to your new time zone.

Looking at the alarm and realising it’s still another hour until it’s socially acceptable to wake up your travel buddy, what’s a fiendish breakfast lover to do?!

There’s only one thing for it, grab your smart device and dive deep under the covers to research the best and most badass breakfast selections in the near vicinity.

Lucky for you, I’ve done all the heavy lifting to give you quick access to some of the most bomb-diggidy brunches in the city.

With a hefty day of sight-seeing ahead of you, you’re going to need something seriously special to prep you for an exploration of the Golden Gate State. So to kick off option 1 of 3, I’d highly advise you pay a visit to The Grove.


Proudly situated on Mission Street, this family-owned, independent cafe combines a cosy and comfortable atmosphere (think worn leather couches, hand-crafted cushions and fairy lights as far as the eye can see). With some seriously savoury eats to satisfy your morning growls.

Taking on a Nandos-esque-serving-style, you order your food at the counter, pay upfront and take a seat where a (admittedly not-so-super-friendly), server will deliver your order.

I opted for the Breakfast Special which threw together two poached eggs, Applewood smoked bacon, whole wheat toast and crispy golden rosemary hashbrowns.


Beige and beautiful.

The egg-yolks ooze from their soft cases, coating the crispy hashbrowns like morning sunshine. The bacon, salty and chewy is best eaten by hand – trust me, it’s even more filthy that way.

My brother opted for the Avocado Toast, with a difference. Chunky avo adorns a pair of toasted slices, layered with wafer-thin Fra’Mani smoked ham and topped with two ready-to-pop poached chucks.


Heavenly and a total must-order.

You’ll need to schedule a few trips here; the menu is far too pleasing to only order once. I plan to return if not only for the Breakfast Burrito which I eyed beadily on the table adjacent.

If there’s too much of a wait at The Grove, I’d also recommend you check out Bread and Cocoa.

A cute little place, this is a good fall back if you’re looking for something quick, convenient with a homey-hearty feel.


Go for any of the breakfast sandwiches, they’re seriously scrummy.

The only switch-up I’d suggest you make, is opting for a bagel rather than bread – the standard bread in the US ain’t nothing to write home about, but they sure know how to bagel.


I’m a sucker for classic cut oatmeal and their sticky-soft porridge was everything I had been craving that morning. Topped with nuts, granola and lashings of coconut, it’s a delightfully warming option if you’re craving a classic.

If you’re looking to start your morning a little more special, I suggest you take a little trip to Cafe De La Presse.


A firm favourite for locals and visitors alike, you can find this 1930s-style French Cafe over in the Financial District.

Make sure you order the Eggs Benny.


An Eggs Benedict to ruin all future Eggs Benedict’s.

AND it comes with potatoes.

Does it really get much better than that?

Now these are just a taster of the morning delights this fair city has to offer, believe me when I say we haven’t even scratched the surface of this sizzling pan and we’ll need a lifetime of mornings to cover them all.

But hey, who doesn’t love a challenge? And you have my full approval to take advantage of the real joy of West Coast jet-lag – the opportunity for TWO breakfasts (double points if you manage to squeeze a cat nap in-between).

Stay tuned to feast upon the rest of my San Francisco eating adventure!


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