It’s January.

And if you’re anything like me, you’re still stuck dancing in a post-New Year, anti-climatic limbo right now.

The weather is miserable, your bank account is a sorrier sight than the aging turkey leftovers still in your fridge and your sick of reminising of the glory that was Christmas break.

Never before has eating your feelings been more appropriate.

And I have the perfect place you can spoil yourself.


He may sound like a close personal friend, but in reality, he’s so much more.

A heavenly dining room and bar, fully equipped with mouth-watering menu to diminish any January Blues.

Added bonus? They’re offering 30% off their A La Carte menu this month!

Tell your purse strings they’re welcome.

Take yourself there on a Sunday afternoon and settle in to one of their intimately placed tables.

I highly recommend you order the Crab Tian to start.

Delicate, light with just the right amount of zesty flavour – the crab is whipped with mascapone and infused with soft kisses of lemon giving just the right balance of tang against soft bites of crab.

Weeny dots of cavier are dotted to decorate alongside wafer-thin cuts of radish and cucumber for extra freshness.

If the Tian doesn’t quite fill your boots, the Fishcake could be the fella for you.


Packed with fresh, flaky fish, these patties are soaked in egg wash, massaged in bread crumbs and then fried to crispy, golden perfection.

As if the party couldn’t get any better, the fishcakes are cuddled next to a pleasingly-running poached egg and golden hollendaise.

Melt in the mouth perfection.

If you’re in the mood for a classic, go for the Chicken Liver Parfait.


So good I ordered it twice (true story).

Impossibly smooth, this creamed creation is delectably rich and will be a firm favourite on your table.

Top tip: be quick and swipe the cured bacon flourish before anyone else notices it’s there – it’s salty magnificence just too good to share.

Spread lashings of the good stuff onto your brioche slice and don’t bother trying to mask the appreciative moans that will inevitably escape from you.

Moving on to mains, courses change seasonally but if you can grab onto any of the Wellingtons,I thoroughly encourage you to do so.

I opted for the Salmon Wellington.

Don’t be alarmed by the hutch-shavings which adorn the plate – they were actually delicious.

But the Wellington itself, was a real thing of beauty.

Fresh pink salmon encased in a buttery pastry duvet, complimented with crispy leeks, new potatoes and drenched deliciously in more sharp, rich hollandaise.

Or you really can’t go wrong with the Pan-fried Sea Bass.

Expertly cooked until it reaches that glorious juxtaposition of tender, mild meatiness with crackling, crisp skin; it stretches out over a generous portion of smoky potatas bravas and buttery green beans.

If you’re feeling a bit more Flintstone, the Beef Spare Rib is simply divine.


Full of meaty, satisfying flavour and fall-off-the-bone soft.

There’s a charming array of puds on offer, but stay classic and plump for the Sticky Toffee Pudding.


Warmingly rich with a wonderfully moist, gooey texture I only wish there had been more of the thick, oozy toffee sauce it bathed in (however that is only my greedy opinion).

Skip the chocolate tart, it was okay but not quite as impressive as it looked.

Although the cheese board is rather handsome and definitely worth an order (this was impressively hoovered up before I could even take a picture sadly…)

All in all, a truly most wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

George’s are offering a 30% off their main menu Sundays-Fridays for the entirity of January, so what are you waiting for? Go get yourself fed my friend!


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