The Barge House

Something rather wonderful has happened.

I think I may have found one of the most gluttonous brunch spots in London.

Quite the revelation I know, but with good reason I promise you.

Let me take you to a place that’ll fulfill your wildest brunch fantasies, an inviting eatery that will satisfy your craving for a Bloody Mary…and will make a seriously great post for your ‘gram.

The place, is The Barge House.

If you find yourself in London, you can find The Barge House overlooking the canal in Haggerston, just a brisk walk away from Shoreditch High Street. We visited on a particuarly chilly morning where the ice had scarcely cracked on the water front. We bustled along, squeezing past the morning joggers, itching to get our hands on something that had made the painful detatchment of leaving Sunday dozing worthwhile.

And boy did we find it…

The Barge House specialises in two things on a Sunday; Bloody Mary’s and the reason for the queue out the door; the Breakfast in Bread.

I can’t even tell you how much joy it brings me to find a place that promises a good feed alongside excellently structured puns.

Bloody Mary’s were the first order of the day.

Mixed with house-infused vodka, it’s wickedly spicy and offered in 3 variations; chilli, cucumber and rosemary.

Order your first round…


Along with a Hot Chocolate, to warm your hands up.



Creamy, softly sweet and just a hint of bitter bite from the dark cocoa shavings decorating its top.

A perfect winter warmer.

Now…let’s get into the good stuff.


Opting for The Original and Hot Stuff, our breakfasts arrived in total decadant glory, positively fit to burst.

We eagerly got to work.


There are four choices of Breakfast in Bread, each one as smashingly appealing as the last.

But these two were pretty darn special.

Just look at that chucky egg…


A hollow bread bowl simply bursting with all things Sunday brunches are made of.

Oh and cheese.

Lots and lots of cheese…


Can’t get enough?

Okay you naughty thing, just one more…


The runny-egg-oozy-cheese-cheeky-sausage-baconey-goodness concoction is every bit as good as it looks, packed with flavour and comfort.

The lovely loaf which holds it so wonderfully is locally sourced from the Better Health Bakery; an artisan bakery which provides placements for people recovering from mental ill health.

Deliciously doughy, fluffy with a golden crisp crust. Quite possibly one of the best sourdoughs I’ve tasted (and I’ve tasted a lot…)

It’s a clever niche to serve up a brunch in a bowl you can’t help but eat completely.

Those cheeky washing up dodgers.

Don’t be shy to rip the last hunks with your hands, and don’t even think about leaving any scraps, you’ll only regret it when you can  fully button up your jeans again.

With a belly full of brekkie, we shuffled back into our coats and set off into the cold in a bid to walk off our morning feast.

If you’re thinking of visiting The Barge House (and why on earth wouldn’t you after that egg-shot?!) It’s definitely worth booking ahead of time. Many a brunch-hunter were turned away or left waiting, tummies-rumbling as plankfuls of these babies glided past right under their noses, leaving nothing but tantalising smells in their wake.

So secure your table, wear your comfiest pants and get ready to experience the glory.

It’s more than worth getting out of bread for.

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