King Street Tavern

I’m really not enjoying this cold weather at the moment, are you?

My hands are always crippled with numbness, my eyes streaming from the chill of icy cold wind and frankly any time my toes spend away from my fluffy bed socks is a second too long.

But don’t worry, I know the perfect place to warm your cockles on a frosty winters eve.

Let me take you to, King Street Tavern.

A pretty fancy place for a Wednesday I’ll admit, but when it’s 50% off for January dining , you can afford to act like Parmesan and truffle fries are a regular mid-week occurrence.

We met for a late supper, my two girlfriends and I; freezing, famished and hungry to dish the dirt on our most recent antics.

We were met by Alan (who provides the most marvellous directions by phone when you’ve taken a wrong turn and are wearing less than desirable footwear). And taken to our table, a comfortable booth which gave us both the seclusion we craved for sharing gossip and enough openness for us to admire their top notch choices in light fixtures.

We perused the menu, trying to act natural when our server blessed our table with a basket of bread(!!)

If you know me in real life, you’ll understand my passion for a complimentary bread basket and the delicious pot of salted butter that comes with it.

Torn between the array of starters offered and not feeling overly excited about the featured mains, I opted instead for two appetizers and a side in lieu of a main course, with one of my friends following in similar style.

An order of duck breast (customised to include fries of course), completed our plethora of plates as we agreed to pick and share between dishes to diminish any potential feelings of food envy.

Our food arrived in a mountainous fashion, taking over the table in the most delicious way.

Seared Octopus times two.


(We weren’t entirely convinced at our ability to share…)


I was a little saddened to discover the dish was 90% potato, and whilst I’m a big fan of the humble spud, when I RSVP to octopus, I’d quite like to see the good side of Ursula taking up the majority of my plate or at least one tender tentacle. The menu also claimed to include chorizo however I was only able to find one quarter nestled within the fistfuls of rocket.

The romesco sauce however, which combined the ingredients was a delight and full of juicy and warming, nutty flavours.

The hand-cut chips are quite the chunky beasts.


Let’s take a closer look…


Speckled delicately with Parmesan and fried until perfectly crisp yet still moreishly fluffy on the inside.

Order these.

The Moules Mariniere are cooked in a creamy broth of garlic, white wine and shallots.


You can’t go far wrong with mussels in my opinion, and these will most certainly not disappoint.

*Greedy girl tip: plonk in the remainder of your bread basket in here, coat it in the sauce and enjoy the garlic-doughy-cream-soaked morsels of joy it creates.

The Deep Fried Buttermilk Chicken Liver is somewhat of a magnificent creation.


Satisfactory hunks of juicy chicken thigh coated in a crispy buttermilk  skin, served on sourdough with pancetta and generous spreads of liver pate.

I couldn’t quite place the liberally drizzled sauce, regardless it was divine!


The duck was served on a bed of greens and kept company by more of those delightful hunkily-cut chips.

The duck itself was meaty, flavourful and cooked well. I normally enjoy my duck slightly pinker, but this was a well-seasoned, rich variation of which we all gave moans of appreciation.

Suitably stuffed, we couldn’t quite leave without paying respects to the dessert menu.

I was pretty distressed at the lack of PB Parfait which had evidently won the hearts of earlier diners, I butter be quicker next time…

Thankfully, the Sticky Toffee Pudding was there to console me.

There was no chance of sharing this one. We ordered three for the table.


And unanimously agreed it was something seriously special.

The side of Bailey’s ice cream was also quite the revelation, but knew well not to upstage the pud, which came dripping in a gloriously-gooey butterscotch sauce.

We settled the bill and attempted to detach ourselves from our booths, feeling utterly gluttonous, bags disguising our half-undone trousers which I believe is the international sign of a successful dining experience.

Should you decide to treat yourself to a starter (or 12) at the King Street Tavern try and do so quick before their 50% offer expires. You can claim 50% off your bill (which sadly doesn’t include steaks), by entering “JAN50” in the comments when you book online.

Happy Feasting!


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