The Railway Kitchen

I just love hidden treasures, don’t you?

I had been meaning to try The Railway Kitchen for yonks now, after seeing many a drool-inducing picture pop up on my instagram feed. So when my friend suggested we meet for an early lunch and bumble, I knew exactly where I’d take her.

An unsuspecting hole in the wall, The Railway Kitchen goes almost out of sight on the high street of Alderley Edge. But cast your gaze the right way for just a second, and you’ll quite simply happen upon their modest cave of wonder.

We hopped in and bagged the snuggliest table we could find, complete with plush cushions and affectionate knick-knacks.


We sipped on the cucumber-infused water (which is refreshingly delightful if you were unaware), as we casually bopped to the 90s R&B jams which filled the eclectically decorated space.

The weekend brunch to lunch menu is served until 3pm both days and holds quite the assortment of morning munches from Salted Caramel French Toast to Chilli Cheese Toast and Sesame Grilled Salmon.

We gave our orders to the friendly server and relaxed into the setting; half chatting, half singing along to Lauryn Hill’s Doo Wop.

Our dishes arrived, dressing our table in the most marvellous manner.

Wild mushroom on sourdough with a poached egg and a side of avacado.


Wafu Fried Chicken with fried egg and chilli jam.




My mushroom medley was proudly piled upon crisp toasted cuts of sourdough bread with the poached egg lazily relaxing on top, just begging to be popped.


Just look at that…orangey-golden perfection (if not slightly blurred – but it’s hard keeping a steady hand with the prospect of food looming).

The combination of mushrooms gave off immense (I know – hard to believe of a mushroom, but trust me!) Smokey, earthy and almost meaty textures, the runny egg coating the shrooms like morning gravy, giving the most wonderful squidgy bites against the salty, buttery toast.

The avo side was mashed into a dip, not what I had been expecting but strangely exactly what I didn’t know I wanted. Smooth, fresh and with the occasional chunk of avocado to make for a satisfying texture. I tasted what I think was whipped peas which gave the avocado a new level of lightness, along with a very mild taste of chilli for a lil kick.

Sidenote: this would make an amazing bar snack with baked sweet potato crips or tortilla chips!

The Wafu Fried Chicken most certainly stole the show.


Arriving with a stick pierced through the lid of the toasted bun, my friend and I exchanged a shared achknowledgment that this was usually the mark of an exceptional creation.

“If it can’t support its delicious self on it’s own, it’s most definitely going to be great.”

Thick cuts of chicken thigh, fried to crackling perfection and infused with aromatic, far eastern flavours made up the main component of the dish. A satisfyingly crispy egg with equally satisfying golden-sunshine yolk acted as the moist-maker along with lashings of chunky chilli jam which gave soft kisses of sweetness followed by a real punch of heat.

An extremely pleasureable experience.

Settling the bill was a fright-free experience and surprisingly affordable considering the location and quality of food. Another box ticked and another reason to return (their vast selection of handsome boutique and house-crafted gins which made up the bar being close second…)

I plan to return promptly to sample their larger evening menu and suggest you do too.

Happy eating!

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