So friends, I have a new place that I want to share with you.

But first, a questionnaire; do you like craft beer? Enjoy hearty grub? Do you dream of gravy? (Trick question – we all do).

Well then, it’s high time you visit Brewski, the latest restaurant to set up shop in the very heart of Chorlton village.

First entering the eatery, there was some confusion as to whether it was a “seat yourself” set up, or wait awkwardly to be assaigned a table. With no designated host, I flagged down a friendly server to get the low-down on proper Brewski ettiquete before learning there would be an hour and a half wait until we’d be seated.

It’s “new kid on the block” status has clearly made it somewhat difficult to claim a table without a reservation (unless you’re incredibly sneaky as we were…) So plan ahead and book – but be aware there is a £5 per head deposit for tables reserved for Fridays and the weekend.

Both the bar area and restaurant were heaving with Chorltonites, we sipped our beverages and came to the conclusion that there must have been some sort of discount for woodchuckers that we were unaware of as we socialised in a sea of plaid shirts and bearded fellows.

But I digress, let’s get back to the food.

We set unofficial camp on a table in the bar area and made our selections from the Canadian delights which filled the menu. The clipboarded sheet held promise of the evening’s delicious possibilities, combining classic Poutine dishes with exciting and novelty additions alongside pizza by the slice or the whole pie, depending on how forgiving your outfit is.

Service is quick, casual and friendly as we waited only a short while for our piled plates to greet the table.

First up, the Poutine.


Before we get into the good stuff, can we please address just how fun it is to say the word “Poutine”? Let’s say it outloud together;


Okay, cool. Now let’s dive into the good stuff.


A clumsy portion of perfectly fried fries, crisp coating, fluffy innards, drenched and dripping in a pool of thick, rich and meaty gravy.

Sigh, does it really get much better than that?


Add a succulent peice of fried chicken thigh to the top of that mountain and finish  with generous clumps of cheese curds.


And just the teeniest bit filthy, but all the very best things are.

The combination of each component marries together to create the juciest bite, mouthful after mouthful. Rich, messy and everything you’d hope it would be.

You just might want to take a shower afterwards.

And a very long nap.

Next up came the pizzas. We ordered by the slice opting for the Wild Boar with mushroom on a cream base…


and spicy sausage with rocket and fennel.


I enjoyed how, “by the slice” translated into miniture versions of the pizzas 20 inch counterparts, allowing you to play with the toppings and customise as you wish.

The pizzas, whilst pleasingly soft, doughy and chewy; reminded me of a loaded flatbread or foccacia, but still had no complaints from me. Perhaps it was the delivery of the “slice”as the humungous pies which left the kitchen looked a lot more pizza-like, I guess I’ll just have to go large next time to find out for sure (oh the things you do in the name of research).

Regardless, every last scrap of dough was devoured and dragged across the remains of the gravy-soaked plate, delivering a meaty sandwich-like mouthful with every morsel.

“I’m getting so full!” My friend said as we neared the end of our feast.

“Me too,” I lied, elegantly shovelling another forkful of fries dripping with cheese curd into my mouth, silently squashing my dream of ordering a second helping.


Whilst Brewski may admittedly be still finding their feet, I have a feeling a few teething problems are all that stands between them and becoming the next go-to for Chorlton’s restaurant guide.

Still only just a few days old, I have confidence that Brewski will polish the beams of their rustic lodge and will please the masses with their troughs of hearty and lip-smacking Canadian comforts. All you gotta do is wax your whiskers, iron your finest plaid button up and be prepared to chow down on some of the tastiest Poutine, this side of the mounties.

Sounds pretty good ey?

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