El Capo

Thought you couldn’t get a decent burrito this side of the Atlantic?

Turns out you totally (Mexi)can.

Just head to El Capo in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s Mexican places aplenty in this town…but don’t hate me for saying that the majority of them are just missing that rich and enchanting summin’ summin’, of which El Capo seems to dish up by the plateful – with some handsome guac on the side.

Now, first things first.

It’s pretty rare to stumble upon an un-busy El Capo, so get a good spot at the bar, order a cocktail and snag yourself a table at the first opportunity.


Order some nachos while you peruse the menu, and don’t go tame on me friend – be sure to order the LARGE.


A mountain of Tortilla chips, served warm and lousy with melt-in-your-mouth-soft carnita pork, dollops of cool sour cream, salsa and a hella lotta jalapenos.

Oh and oodles of gooey cheese.

And I mean oodles.


As for mains, we kept things classic.

Soft tacos, or little hand-sized heavens if you will.

Stuffed handsomely with pork, pulled beef and allllllll the good stuff.

Packed full of flavour and topped with spicy chipotle mayo for an added kick.

With a side o’ El Capo slaw; zingy, crunchy and super fresh.



And just to finish us off…a Chimichanga.

Partially ordered for its deliciousness, but mostly ordered because it’s just so gosh darn fun to say.


A deep-fried tortilla, positively bursting with chargrilled chicken, rice, guava, black beans, veg and cheese.

Order a side of sour cream for dunking purposes, and really go to town on that bad boy.

Filling, flavourful, and bloody marvellous.

The chimichanga came with a side of lacklustre nachos (nothing like the ones previous), which I found unnecessary (the fact I just consumed a sombrero-hat amount of them may have had something to do with it) – I personally feel a chargrilled cob of corn or an avocado salad would have worked better.

If like me you love Mexican food, put El Capo straight to the top of the list and you’ll see exactly what I’m taco’in about when I say this place is so far unrivaled for South American feasting in the North-West area.

Try and aim to get there at happy hour. Eat, drink and enjoy a downright dirty southern american affair, right in the heart of Manchester.


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