Marble Arch

You know that super soft, cosy jumper you own? The kind you’d never part with, you’ve had it forever and it’s starting to go a bit bobbly, but you love it anyway and you often reserve it for those particular snuggly Sundays?

Well I have found the most delicious equivalent – in pub form.

If you’re a local to Manchester you’ve probably heard of Marble Arch, maybe you’re already a frequent visitor, but just in case you’re not I would love to introduce you, just like I was, one particular snug Sunday.

Marble is an incredibly quaint pub, with glossy, lust-worthy tiling which dates back to the 1880s, high ceilings and a friendly bunch behind the bar.

Pop in early afternoon, snag yourself a table and cosy up by the open fire.

We ordered up some pub classics; Fish and Chips for me, Steak Pie for him.

I’d been hankering for a decent chippy supper for yonks, and I FINALLY got the goods.


Served with mushy peas and zingy tartar sauce no less.

The batter was perfect. Golden, crisp and wondrously savoury, the perfect casing to house the fillet of soft, flaky cod inside.

The chips were piping hot, a balance of sharp and salty kisses, filled with soft fluffy potato. Dunked in the tartar sauce and made even more wonderful by rolling them into a round of bread, causing the butter to melt deliciously down my hand.


The pie was a meaty beast and one which gave me serious food envy. The pastry was soft yet crispy, perfectly puffed up and provided the perfect lidded protection for the rich, steak filling.

I wish I had taken a picture of the glorious, gravy-filled innards, but it was simply too good to pause for a photo. Order it and you’ll see exactly what I mean.


Marble boast quite the array of fancy cheeses, and you can’t possibly leave without sampling at least 3 (or 9) on one of their famously lavish cheese boards.

Served with crackers, breads, chutneys and fruit – it’s a cheeseboard to end all future cheeseboards and just too gouda too miss.

The perfect place for a cosy afternoon, take in the splendid interior, sample their vast offerings of real ale and feast on their proper pub grub. Go once and I promise this place will be your new weekend go-to.

Happy Sunday!


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