West Corner NQ

The perfect start to any morning always begins with a filthy brunch.

It’s most favourable on a lazy weekend, when you’ve rolled out of bed, shoved on an oversized jumper, ‘forgotten’ to brush your hair and headed on out into the world in search of sustenance with nothing but your purse and keys to hand (oh and your phone so you can ‘gram the blessed event).

I’d been hankering for a trip to West Corner, the latest eatery to hit the streets of the Northern Quarter, ever since it opened. This deli-come-diner is a welcomed addition to the neighborhood, offering classic American fare in a stylish yet laid back setting and serving up all kinds of grub till 1:30am (a particular factor that I LOVE).

I had eagerly swotted up on the menu the evening before, taking my picks from the All-Day menu, however was sorely disappointed to learn that the “All-Day” menu didn’t commence on weekends till 3pm…shucks!

Despite my dreams of succumbing to a French Dip and Macaroni Cheese coma being dashed against the retro checkered flooring, I happily found comfort in their Brunch menu, which was bursting with cook-ups to take my pain away.

West Corner source a selection of their meat from the Butchers Quarter found just around the corner, which makes up a vast section of their morning menu. Feeling quite ravenous, I opted for the Breakfast Club Sandwich, a meaty concoction which comprises an entire Full English between three (yep, three) slices of crunchy-but-soft sourdough bread.

My co-diner opted for eggs n’ bacon over waffles with a jug of glistening maple syrup like a classic yankeedoodle.

The splendors of our morning feast arrived and were a true treat for my sleepy-morning eyes.


My triple-decked sandwich was stacked with sausage, bacon, pepper-cured bacon, black pud mushrooms, a fried egg and relish.

Oh! And melted 5 cheese, the pièce de résistance.

I halved my Everest and got to work. Casually alternating dunks into pools of maple syrup and blobs of bright red ketchup to make it extra naughty.

Napkins are definitely required when tackling this monstrosity, but the most delicious beasts are always the hardest to tame.

Take hearty chomps and be sure to take in all the layers, the crisp bites of bacon, the meaty mouthfuls of black pud and sausage and the gooey, golden delight of the runny egg.



My friend’s breakfast was of similar decadence.


I’m normally quite adverse to waffles, as I find them often to be quite bland. Combine them with crunchy rashers of bacon, sunny-side-up eggs and half a litre of maple syrup however and they do turn into quite the fancy!

Take a mouthful of waffle, bacon dripping in popped egg yolk with a drizzle of maple syrup and enjoy the devilishly moreish contrast of sweet and savoury.

West Corner’s brunch options range from classic to the more original so be sure to splurge if you swing by one sleepy Sunday morning. Our neighboring diners had opted for The Mexican (a southern-American take on the increasingly-popular Shakshuka) and Crab Cake Hollandaise, which both looked so divine I very almost clambered over the booth for a taste, so be sure to take your favourite foodie gang so you can really take advantage of what’s on offer.

I excitedly await my return to West Corner where I’ll finally be united with the elusive French Dip. Stay tuned for our first meeting, I have a feeling it’s going to be magical.


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