Sugo Pasta Kitchen

Does the idea of authentic Italian food, good wine and a low-lit, instagrammable setting ring your bell?

Well friend, I’ve found your new favourite place.

I had been desperate to try Sugo Pasta Kitchen for months before an opportunity arose where I could haul my ragu-loving booty on over there, to sample exactly what had been driving force behind the many texts I had received exclaiming; “You HAVE to try this place!!!!”

Found in Altrincham just across the way from the popular Altrincham Markets (a divine creation – but that’s for another post). Sugo Pasta Kitchen lies amongst a feast of restaurants offering an ever-changing menu, scribbled onto a blackboard ready for its patrons to devour. 


The communal vibe of the restaurant evokes the irresistible Italian chaos you’ll be familiar with if you’ve been lucky enough to have visited Italy, whilst the open kitchen and friendly servers create a comfortable, visiting-your-italian-nonna-for-sunday-dinner atmosphere.


Order yourself some drinks and catch the waiter as he walks pasta’.

Ask him what’s good and he’ll tell you his favourites.

Then order yourself a feast.




Continuing my obsession with Arancini – this ball of risotto joy did nothing but further cement my love affair for the deep fried filly.

Served on a bed of soft rabbit ragu, the arancini is stuffed with a divine porcini and portobello mushroom pate-esque filling. Pierce through the crisp coating to reveal the divinely creamy béchamel center, pop a sizeable forkful in your mouth and take a rest in undeniable bliss.


Whilst anything would be a pale comparison against the Arancini, the Calamari does a fine job in its attempt to steal your heart.

Baked with fennel and chilli, the baby squid is fragrant and delicately spiced, served in a fresh tomato ragu with mussels and bread to mop.

Delicious, no doubt – but given the choice I’d still have the Arancini twice over!

Moving on to mains, we opted for both classic and experimental.

First up, Cavatelli, served with mackerel, fennel so ritto, raisins and an oregano and hazelnut salsa.

The mackerel was fresh and cooked to crispy-skin perfection, it was a  combination of flavours which were  completely new to me, but had me hooked after just one bite. The ever-so-slightly spiced sauce was spiked with a rich nutty flavour, coating the white, flaked meat of the fish, finishing with a sweet, delicate kiss from the raisins.

I would have liked slightly more mackerel (but only because it was so darn good.)

Now let’s talk about the real head turner…


The Orecchiette, cooked al dente and loaded with hunks of melt-in-the-mouth, slow-cooked Tuscan wild boar shoulder, ndju sausage and beef shin ragu.

This baby’ll have you closing your eyes with every mouthful, homely yet humble flavours and melting, meaty bites.

Order it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Taking a breather, we agreed we simply couldn’t leave without seeing if the pudding measured up to the preceding courses.

The things you do in the name of research!

The dessert board hosted an array of sumptuous sweets, I spied my kryptonite – Ginger’s Comfort Emporium Chorlton Crack ice cream, but mustered the strength to resist and instead, opted for the Chocolate and Hazelnut cheesecake.


Now, in the absence of its buttery biscuit base, I’m not sure whether this can officially be called a cheesecake. It was more torte-like with the inclusion of a devilishly yummy hazelnut brittle, but hey, a rose by any other name is still as sinfully delicious if you ask me.

Smooth, creamy with a glorious crunch from the biscuited hazelnuts, it was the perfect, indulgent end the meal.

Sugo’s current menu is available until the 1st April, so I heavily advise you get yourself down there to sample the gloriousness that has been March’s menu.

Booking is a must, but if you don’t make it – don’t panic! Sugo seem to have a knack of knocking-up a menu that appeases the masses and deliver the goods with a passion for feeding everyone that walks through the door.

So how about it? Please go and tell me how much you love it. I can hardly wait till next month’s menu debut!

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