West Corner NQ

Have you ever experienced the force of a gravitational pull?

I often do, and it normally has something to do with a person that can really make me giggle or a cheesecake.

This time however, it was for West Corner’s evening menu. I had brunched there a few weeks previous and hadn’t been able to get the lure of their French Dip out of my head. Eager to satisfy the mystery behind the manwich which got everyone snapping on insta, I made a booking to discover the delight for myself.

We arrived on a Friday evening just as the booths began slowly filling up, the bar seats already occupied with loose-tied, post-work tipplers. We sank into our seats and huddled over the menu – eager for a good feed.

The ordering was the easy part – a beige feast with extra cheese and a silent prayer that I’d still have room for dessert, the anticipation however was agonising.

Luckily, service was prompt and our server Sonia was a total dream – happily sharing with us her favourites from the menu before popping back to the kitchen to collect our lavish spread.

And boy was it.


Platefuls of heartful grub, dripping with cheese and more besides. We happily got stuck in.


My measure of how good a restaurant is, always lies with the Mac and Cheese. A simple enough dish; life-changing if done well, heartbreakingly disappointing if it resembles the limp canned concoction you find down the supermarket aisle.

West Corner boasts a 5 cheese Mac with crispy bacon bits which arrived with a blanket of torched, gooey cheese skin on top. I sank my fork into the goo, claiming a sizable mouthful, blissfully exclaiming my joy after just one bite.


A cheesy bath of molten goodness; buttery and wonderfully creamy with the added sensation of salty bacon bits.


Too gouda too miss.

The fries were a hot, salty, welcomed addition – no more, no less. Maybe unessessary with the amount of food we had, but anyone that tries to tell you that you don’t need 3 lots of carbs in one meal should be removed from your life immediately.

Now, on to the stars of the show.

The Cubana was a beautiful beast. A hot ciabatta stuffed with slow cooked pork belly, roasted savoy cabbage, pickles, mustard and more – you name it, it had it.

A hunk of a sandwich and a total winner if you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into.

And the French Dip?


Crazy, messy, outrageous and utterly delicious.

Just look at that monsterous creation!

A meat lovers dream, the baguette loaf soaks in the succulent meat juices from the fall-apart beef brisket, which melts just effortlessly in the mouth. A layer of mustard adds a sharp and rich bite, enhanced by the soft flavours of oozy, melted Swiss. A pot of beef-dripped gravy is portioned on the side, just in case things weren’t filthy enough already.

An unmissable delight – be sure to order it when you go.

With no trace of fry, macaroni or gravy puddles left on our plates, we sunk deeper into our chairs allowing the effects of the impending food coma to begin.

“Are you too full for dessert?” Our server asked.

“Never,” is always the reply as we indicated our need for two rounds of their Chocolate and Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Sundaes.


The perfect sweet ending to our meal, generous scoops of PB and chocolate ice cream were piled amongst sticky, gooey layers of hot fudge with crushed peanuts for added crunch.


If that’s not doing it for you, I also have word that the Apple Pie is out of this world.

A second visit has officially cemented West Corner as one of my city centre go-to’s for an indulgent and yankeedoodle-esque feed.

No matter what you order, you’ll probably end up with half of it down your face so take your nearest, dearest and people you’d be happy to see you with a gravy beard for the duration of the meal; (for me, that’s everyone).

Happy eating carnivores.

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