If your Sunday doesn’t begin with a supremely decadent and lavish brunch, well I dare say you’re doing it wrong.

Brunch is THE golden opportunity to gorge on delicious concoctions, glug down a Bloody Mary or two AND go straight back to bed afterwards should you wish to, without feeling an ounce of guilt.

And have you ever really heard of an agenda more splendid than that?

I didn’t think so.

This weekend’s brunching location was Gorilla, the bar-come-nightclub-come-ridonkulously grammable fooders paradise, just under the railway arches on Whitworth Street in Manchester.

Gorilla had invited me to try some of the dishes of their revamped menu (note to regular eaters of Gorilla: don’t worry, the delicious Bratwurst Dog is still on offer – if you know, you know).

Already being a fan of all things which leave the Gorilla kitchen (including the super friendly staff), I was pretty excited to check out what new kind of morning glory they were dishing up.

We arrived bright and early, sun shining and bellies rumbling.

We ordered up quite the spread…


Hmm…something’s missing.


That’s better.

You have to give things a good thorough testing don’t you?

Let’s not forget the palate cleanser…




Right, now the gangs all here, let’s get down to the good stuff…

First up, Steak and Eggs.


Featuring an exceptionally thick, rare flat iron steak – seasoned to perfection. The eggs plump and poppable, hollandaise as rich and perfect yellow as always and those homemade hash browns.

I say those hash browns, because frankly we couldn’t stop fighting over them. Crispy, crunchy, golden-coated patties of perfection complete with fluffy-white innards – dreamy.

Next, the Fat Elvis Pancakes.


Gorilla offer up 3 filthily radical pancake stack combinations, all of which are inclusive of either chocolate fudge sauce, maple syrup or ice cream – sound crazy? They taste even better.

Fat Elvis piles caramlised banana, peanut butter ice cream, candied peanuts and bacon atop of 3 fluffy pancakes.



The pancakes are thick, comforting and very very moreish. The PB ice cream adds a gloriously naughty addition while the candied peanuts give the most sensationally sweet crunch to each bite – more of these please!

The bacon felt a little bit lost on the dish – maybe it needed a couple of extra rashers, maybe I’m a little bit greedy; either way it’s hella tasty and super sinful – but that’s what Sundays are for.

Now, let’s move on to the real star of the show…

The Fried Chicken and Waffles.



Now, I’m not one to play favourites with my food, but trust me when I say this dish was the reason for the phrase: “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”.

The sweet yet salty element of this dish was enough to keep me quiet from start to finish, save for a few moans of delight along with the token; “You HAVE to try this, but not really because I want it all to myself…” exclamation.

Sweet waffle, succulent egg, crispy bacon and even crispier chicken married together with a weeny pot of devilishly good chicken gravy.

It’s heaven with every bite.

Pop Gorilla to the top of your brunching list for your next available morning. If you’re after a little hair of the dog or just fancy getting really jazzy in the AM, I highly recommend their Disco Brunch.

Book in and order up a feast – it’ll be your new favourite reason to roll out of bed.

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