Bluu NQ

You know what’s really wonderful?

Discovering that your local watering hole dishes out some bangin’ food to soak up the yummy cocktails you just just sank.

A rare occurrence, but a deliciously special one nonetheless.

If you were unaware that Bluu in the Northern Quarter was also a fully established restaurant, serving up southern American comfort food – you aren’t alone. I too was blind to the marvellous morsels served up by the bar-come-eatery until I was invited to get acquainted with the menu which promised a flurry of meaty combos and piled-up platters .

We arrived at Bluu on a Saturday afternoon, the bar already abuzz with early door drinkers and the tables filled with testosterone, tucking into beefy burgs.

We nestled into our booth and gave the menu a grilling before placing our order.

Perusing the condiments to get our bellies rumbling for the impending feast.


The menu is everything you want it to be, and you’ll no doubt want it all; go with a group and order up a bunch so you can have a nibble on everything.

We didn’t have to wait long until our waiter returned with trembling arms, carrying enough food to feed a small army.



Or just two very hungry girls.

First up, Chilli & Caramel Chicken Wings.


Spicy, sweet and unbelievably messy.

A little like someone I know…

Not advisable to order on a first date – unless you want your suitor to fall head over heels in love immediately.

The caramel brings a gooey, sumptious coating to the wings, while the chilli gives them a hotter than hell kick.

Order at least 10 – you won’t regret it.

Pulled Chilli Beef Brisket Brioche Roll.


Whilst I had been expecting more of a “Sloppy Joe”-rich-meat character, the reality was equally as pleasing.

The slowly-smoked meat roll was flavoursome with a rich and tangy sauce. Quickly devoured, it’s truly off the chain when dunked in the South Carolina sauce.

The fries were good, the corn was passable – but these aren’t the main event.

Are you ready for the next?

I’ve saved the best for last.

Smoked Bacon Mac & Cheese and a side of Burnt Ends.


For sides, these are considerably handsome helpings. Order the burnt ends and you’ll welcome huge hunks of tender and juicy meat; smokey and melt-in-the-mouth soft.

The glaze was divine, although the dripping could have been thicker – nethertheless we still fought with our spoons to slurp it up with gusto.

The Mac and Cheese? Well….


Too gouda to miss.

Crispy, smoked bacon pieces snuggled into a thick blanket of sharp, oozy cheddar – exactly the kind of bed I want to crawl into.

Richly comforting and satisfying down to the last bite.

Would you believe we managed to devour this spread in less than an hour?

A short and sweet visit, or short and smokey as the case may be.

If you’re overdue a case of the meat sweats, be sure to make Bluu your first port of call.

There’s no need to book, just take your appetite and wear your stretchy pants. With the weather finally heating up, it’s the perfect location to grab a cold one and satisfy your deepest, darkest BBQ cravings.

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