Oké Poké

When you find yourself in the middle of a sweltering heatwave of which you were most definitely unprepared for (as most Brits tend to be), I find the key to re-energising your exhausted, less-than-fresh self is to dine on the currently trending and marvellously refreshing cuisine that is Poké.

Beautifully crafted and filled with an abundance of invigorating and fresh flavours, Poké bowls have floated overseas from Hawaii and are fast becoming the new lighter, sushi-esque burrito bowls. Luckily for Manchester, we have our very own Poké bar new and fresh to the scene found on Church Street slap-bang in the Northern Quarter.

Taking a fast-food approach, you can choose to dine-in amongst the fresh and bright ingredients which splash the walls with colour; or take-away.

The format is very simple, chose either a Poké Bowl or a Pokérito (think of a giant sushi hand-roll or a burrito’s much healthier, slightly cuter cousin), select from their inspired bowls or create your own.

We chose to sit in, opting for one of each creation whilst desperately resisting the urge to cry; “Pokérito, I choose you!”

We got comfortable and awaited our order.

You want colour? You want flavour?

You’re in the right place.


Zingy, satisfying and packed full of flavour.

Every bite is like a sensational yet humble visit to Honolulu without the frighteningly expensive air fare.

A little gimmicky? Maybe. Delicious? You bet your bonito it is.

And the best bit? The health factor is off the scale.

The Poké bowls are served in bamboo-style trays in a deconstructed-sushi kind of fashion.

The salmon was plump and juicy, the quinoa spiced and fragrant; the veggies playing their part in providing a divine fresh crunch alongside scattered crushed walnuts.

Simply glorious.

We polished off the lot, stopping only to breathe and exclaim to each other how wonderful it was.

For me, this is the perfect new arrival to the NQ as a healthier alternative for lunch which doesn’t compromise on flavour or satisfaction.

Expect no frills but good service and impeccable food.

Just be prepared to have the “Hokey Cokey” stuck in your head for the remainder of the day.

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