Do you have ever have those days where your stomach just feels like a bottomless pit? Like nothing in your fridge is ever going to satisfy the echoing grumbles coming from your tummy?

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that I have a solution.

A delicious, satisfying solution.

Following the Great North Run which both my brother and I ran on the 28th of May, we ran across the finish line with excitement bubbling over amidst the proud and electric atmosphere in Manchester city center.

We took pride in our achievements of having finished successfully without a) a stitch and b) falling over and having to style it out into some kind of purposeful burpee (of which I had to do countless times during training).

A few stretches, countless hugs, a walk back to the car and our buzz was quickly replaced with: “oh-my-goodness-I-could-literally-eat-an-entire-cow-I-am-that-hungry” ; kind of feelings.

There was only one solution; a trip to the down to earth and ever-so-slightly filthy Rustik, in West Didsbury.

A popular place for many for its indulgent eats and charming drink offerings; my family and I bundled in after a quick shower-and-change-around, ready to feast.

Placing our orders, we excitedly discussed the earlier events whilst awaiting a well deserved feed.

The nachos arrived in gluttonous glory; gooey, spicy, creamy and rich, ready to be devoured from all four corners of the table.


We took our first tortillas, loaded with cheese, salsa and a hunk of jerk chicken; handling them tentatively as though playing a delicious game of Jenga.

The first thing that hit me was the chicken; the soft, succulent, well-marinated bite of chicken – order this if nothing else.


“You won’t like these Jan,” My father assured my mother.

I tittered, a classic trick I had executed for years but to no avail; still, I learnt from the best.

We crunched through the mounted stack, nodding and munching approvingly until nothing but checkered paper was left behind.

“Better than Bennigan’s!**” My brother stated.

We gasped at the revelation, and agreed.

**If you are unfamiliar, Bennigan’s is a US restaurant chain that was pretty huge in the 90s and dished up some crazy-good nachos and were a staple in our diet when holiday-ing as kids. To compare against Bennigan’s nachos is the highest badge of honour when dining with the Wilson’s.

The service is a little slow; but plenty friendly and personable – so as long as you aren’t ravenous, it’s no biggie.

Our mains arrived on boards under the quivering arms of our server. The food’s piled high, so be sure to bring your A-game.


First up, the Ploughman’s Burger

An 8oz beef patty, melted Applewood smoked cheddar, Old English chipolatas, caramelised onion, beef tomato and dill pickle.


Quite the bruiser really.

Meaty, chunky and satisfying; the sausages were fairly unnecessary, but if you’re looking for a meat feast, you’ve found it.

The Mr Rueben Swisket Bagel

Swiss cheese, pulled beef brisket, Sauerkraut, dill pickles and mustard aioli.


Fair, but not the best Rueben I’ve had – would have been better snuggled in between some sourdough!

The Avocado One

An 8oz beef patty, maple bacon, beef tomato and a hella lotta avo.


The pictures really don’t do it justice. Creamy, smashed avo and crunchy, sweet maple bacon atop a thick juicy burg – definitely not to be missed.

And last, but certainly not least…


Beef brisket benedict, toasted sourdough, mustard hollandaise, poached eggs and crispy skin-on fries.


A little bit dry on first arrival…


…but never fear, hollandaise is near.


Melt-in-the-mouth brisket, sharp, rich hollandaise and gooey yolks.

What girl could want for more?

The prices were extremely humble for the amount of food served up and the menu is varied and pleasing to a multitude of tastes – even Vegans! I was already mentally cheating on my “Brinner” with the stuffed burrito on the table adjacent, alas – that is an order for another day.

You can find Rustik on Burton Road just across from Mary and Archie’s and as you can imagine, I highly recommend a visit. It can get a little busy so grab a group and book a table – word on the street is that they dish up a monster weekend brunch too.

Race ya!


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