Thyme Out Co

Who doesn’t need a new brunch spot in their life?

More importantly, who doesn’t need a new brunch spot that includes hilarious puns in their menu?


I had frequented West Didsbury’s Thyme Out Co a couple of times just to be certain it was good enough to recommend for you guys (it’s a tough job, but I do it for you). And I am happy to report that this place should jump-frog right to the top of your weekend brekkie list.

But enough (sc)ramble; let’s get into the good stuff.

Sunday mornings for me comprise the 3 B’s (no)Bra, (no)Brush and BRUNCH.

Simply, I don’t feel like anyone should have to adhere to normal social regulations on a Sunday; whether you be a chap or a lady – I encourage you to embrace your bed head in favour of enjoying your first meal of the day in true comfort.

Rolling out of bed, I shrugged into the closest clothes I could find; grabbed a pair of sunglasses to hide half of my face and excitedly called on for my best friend like a giddy (but sleepy) six-year-old.

Setting off in search of sustenance; we arrived outside Thyme Out at approximately 9:45am post-power walk, feeling energised (somewhat) and ready for a feed.

We opted to sit outside to enjoy the fleeting bout of sunshine, ordering up a bountiful, vegetarian feast to satisfy our growling appetites.

Woah there meat-eaters! I know, I almost lost you there; but stick with me, I promise you it’s worth it.

Whist Thyme Out Co serve up some bangin’ bangers; their vegetarian options are not to be missed.

First up, take their Veggie Burrito.


I did some customisation with this one, and the final result was not juan to be missed.

Halloumi, avo, scrambled egg, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms.

Totally chomp-able and perfect if you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into.

Next,  their ‘Come’n Avo Go If You Think You’re Hard Enough’; worth ordering just to say it out loud.


It’s avocado toast to you and me, but a trendy avocado toast nonetheless.

Smashed avo with feta piled lavishly onto crunchy (almost brittle) sourdough toast and topped with sun blushed tomatos, coriander, chilli, garlic and lime.

Achingly fresh-tasting and you can even add a scattering of cripsy parma ham if you really fancy.

The ‘Veg Out’ was a generous spread of halloumi (serious door-wedge chunks), veggie pudding, poached egg, perfectly poppable vine tomatoes, portobello mushroom, avocado, beans and sourdough toast – phew!


Last but certainly not least, the Banana Split Pancakes; a devilishly naughty afters that you can still totally count as breakfast.


The fluffiest of pancakes, dressed with panfried banana, blueberry, candied pecans, maple syrup, vanilla & hobnob cheesecake hollandaise.

Sounds flilthy, no?

It tastes even better.

Thankfully, brunch needs no excuse – so be sure to get yourself down there pronto to sample all they have to offer. The place gets busy fast, and bookings are a no-no, so try and get there before 10am if you don’t want your eggs with a side of a 40 minute wait.

and Avo’ good time y’hear!




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