Alberts Schloss

Living in a town that’s littered with Americana fare, Chinese take outs and pizza joints; it’s rare to find a German restaurant with food that really commands the attention it deserves.

Well, that is until Alberts Schloss came along.

No longer the new kid on the block, Alberts Schloss has graced Peter Street for over a year and is arguably the reason behind the growing number of new restaurants sparked with a Deutsch-luxe influence in Manchester.

Decked out in wood, copper and soft cushioned furnishings for that traditional ski-lodge feel; it’s not difficult to quickly cosy into Schloss’s warm Bavarian ambiance. The atmosphere is always electric in this joint, so be sure to book a table ahead to avoid yourself some enttäuschung (German for disappointment and incredibly satisfying to say). 

The beverages are lavish and currently inspired by the original biergärtens of Bavaria; throw in an extensive wine list, intimidatingly large Pilsner tanks and a grammable “Push for Presecco” button and you can bet your lederhosen you’ll be feeling uber schnitzelled by the morning.

Lucky for you, the in-house bakery and Cook Haus are close at hand to soak up all the Fruli you sank. So what’s good to order?

Well…pretty much everything it seems. But here are a few of my personal höhepunkte (German for highlights – why is everything in German so freaking fun to say!?)

First of all, you can’t NOT go to Alberts Schloss without ordering one of their freshly baked pretzels…


Doughy, softly sweet and sprinkled with salty crystals; these baby’s are served up with pickles and a divine sweet mustard; but I highly advise you add a naughty side of bier cheese too just for the dunks.

Simply heavenly.

(If heaven was a gloopy, rich, savoury sauce – which I quite like to imagine it is).

So, onto the mains, first up we have the Kreuzberg Lamb Kofta


Chargrilled lamb koftas, smokey aubergine, yogurt aioli, mint,
coriander, pomegranate, pickled fennel and pistachios all served up on a soft flatbread.

Warm, filling and wickedly spicy.

The Bratwurst, served Cologne style.


Naked wurst, kraut, pickles, green bean, pea & mint with a German potato salad.

Biting into the sausage, you get that satisfying snap only achievable by a truly great wurst; slightly more salty than I would have liked, but balanced somewhat by the freshness of the greens and tangy sauerkraut.

Wild mushroom and butternut squash strudel.


A personal favourite.

Creamy mushrooms entwined with tarragon, spinach, Alpine cheese and truffle oil, Served on a lake of herbed crème fraîche.

Satisfyingly crisp pastry that crackles at the first sight of a knife with a rich, sumptuous filling.

Pure joy from the first to last bite.

Finally, the Reuben.

Smoked pastrami, pickles, oozy-and-gooey melting Emmental cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing, sandwiched and toasted on seeded Haus rye.


Had I have been in charge of the assembly, this baby would be far more stacked; however, less definitely proved to be more in this instance.

Crunchy bites of toasted, buttery bread, sweet notes of  Russian dressing, soft slices of cooked meat – scrummy doesn’t even cover it.

Polishing off the lot, my party and I spent the final portion of the evening drinking in the enchanting mood set by the live band on stage. A boogie here, a final Fruli there and we were finally ready to rest our nudels.

Whether you’re planning on popping in to enjoy the bier, the bratwurst, or both as I highly recommend; Albert’s Schloss is almost ALWAYS busy; so and book ahead here to secure one of their central picnic tables near the fire pit; or even better, one of their back-wall booths for a more intimate experience.

Schloss’s menu will be having a switcheroo in coming weeks – so get yourself in there to sample all there is on offer. For a few, German food is very much take it or leave it – but me? I like to take it and liebe it.

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