Brasserie Abode

The first rule about Brasserie Abode Club is you don’t talk about Brassierie Abode Club.

Kidding, you should tell absolutely everyone you know; still, there’s an undeniable air of exclusivity when entering Brasserie Abode. But not to worry, there’s no membership requirements in this joint; just a love for opulent surrounds, and extra special dining.

Our evening began with cocktails, as all memorable (or not-so memorable depending on how many Gin Martini’s are glugged…) evenings should do.


Mojito for him, Long Island Iced Tea for me.


All cocktails are served with accompanying nibbles, tailored to complement the flavours of your chosen beverage. A Pornstar Martini might bag you a mountain of marshmallows, whilst my refreshing sips of LIIT were heightened by crunchy bites of spiced oriental crackers.

After successfully sinking our first round, we opted for a change of scenery and headed downstairs, blinking away the daylight in favour of the soft mood lighting in the lower dining room.


July has seen Brassierie Abode reopen their doors to reveal a brand spanking new look, taking a sumptuous, luxurious approach to the decor; the upstairs dressed as decadently as Great Gatsby’s party pad, and the downstairs adopting an even grandeur cross between a gentleman’s club and the orient express.


Golden booths, long-spread tables and intimate tables for two, we took our seats amidst the sophisticated glamour and relaxed against the eclectic couch, as soft as the buttery pots served alongside portions of thickly-sliced bread.

(My love for a complimentary bread basket and the doorstop chunks that fill it will never cease).


We spent a large portion of our bread munching agonising over the menu, which effortlessly comprises comforting classics with extravagant indulgences.

After finally coming to a decision, thanks to the help of our well-informed server Marek; we placed our order and excitedly awaited our feast.


First up, the starters.


Smoked Salmon, dressed with capers and shallots.


Light yet flavoursome and irresistible when enjoyed layered on a hunk of bread.

Now, let’s take a look at that Haddock Scotch Egg…

Looks midly unsuspecting, no?


..wait for it…




Smooth and impeccably seasoned smoked haddock, hugged by a crisped outer coating, cracked open to reveal a velvety soft egg, gooey, golden and complimentary of the creamy pool of crab bisque.

A divine creation which kept me quiet for the entire duration, and honestly? If I ever drowned in that crab bisque, I think I’d be pretty okay with it.

Next, we plumped for what we thought were the best of the mains.

Spaghetti Lobster for me; served exactly as it should be.

What I like to call, a proper pasta portion.


*angels sing*


The flavours were rich and sensual; creamy and satisfying with the added indulgence of soft lobster chunks inhabiting every other bite. I savoured every mouthful like the cat that got the cream, mopping up the last of the thick sauce with fluffy morsels of bread.

There’s really nothing worse than ordering pasta only to find 5 sad little parcels taking up your plate; thankfully Brasserie Abode knows exactly how a girl likes to be fed.


Next, the thickest cuts of Lamb Chop I’ve ever seen; cooked to pink-perfection in rosemary and garlic.


Tangy red cabbage and crunchy green beans make up the accompaniments of this dish; and don’t worry, I know what you’re thinking; “What? No carb? No mashed potato?”

Trust me friend, you won’t need it. The chefs know that this Lamb requires centre stage, and you need no fluffy distraction from its meaty beauty and the rich jus which simply enhances its greatness.

Both plates cleaned; it was time to take a breather.

If you’re looking for a backdrop to create an evening to remember, Brasserie Abode could very well be it. The service is attentive, engaging and wonderfully passionate.

You want to know your servers favourite? Ask them and they’ll gladly indulge you and will love to know your thoughts in return. These little appreciated moments are what I feel transform an ordinary experience to a truly extraordinary one.
You want a charming server? They’ll be just that – but if you want a friend? Give them a nudge and you’ll find yourself chattering up a storm til you’re hungry for dessert.

Speaking of…let’s take a look of the puddings shall we?

Sticky Toffee Pudding, with the naughtiest scoop of runaway salted caramel ice cream.


Fluffy, thick sponge, soaked in rich, warm butterscotch sauce; super dreamy.

Ready for my favourite?


Crème brûlée.

I’ll share some expert spoon techniques…

Crack the top…


Uncover the sweet custard filling…


And be sure to include a shard of hardened caramel for an ever-so bitter bite.



I thoroughly encourage a visit to Brasserie Abode, if anything just to welcome it back onto the scene of truly indulgent dining.

Book yourself in for their delightful brunch or an evening on the monochrome tiles; their Prix Fixe menu is ever-so tempting and available until 7pm all wee; however I highly recommend taking advantage of the whole menu with a late night fancy.

A new favourite on my list of favourites – I already can’t wait to return!

One thought on “Brasserie Abode

  1. Sudhakar Patel says:

    Nice to see a good review. ManCon gave it a really bad review. Some reviews said the service wasn’t great. It is lovely inside and outside. I really want to try the afternoon tea.

    Liked by 1 person

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