Altrincham Market

If you’re local to Manchester or Cheshire, I’m almost positive I won’t have to tell you about Altrincham Market.

It’s achieved somewhat of a legendary status over the years as being THE place to while away your weekend hours; buying everything from breads to produce and cheese caerphilly cut by its passionate makers.

I’ve been going to Altrincham Market since I was a little girl, only slightly dissimilar from its more recent makeover; this was my favourite place to be on a Saturday, where I’d always leave with a new book to devour and a cone of chips to keep me quiet on the drive home.


16 years or so on, Altrincham Market has taken on quite the transformation, but still maintains the same comforting, homegrown feels it created all those years ago; a perfect sprawling affair of local artisan stock, vintage fancies and cute textile creations; combined to create pleasing sights for your weekend bumble.


It’s also the perfect place to introduce unfamailiar friends to, weaving and whiling through the stalls, catching up on weeks gone by, before making a beeline for the dining hall.


Where the real actions at.

Find yourself a quiet corner, and nestle in. I recommend starting with a cappucino, orders are placed at vendor windows, just give them your table number and they’ll find you.



You’re going to want to do a full tour before settling on an order; save your seat and scope out the parameter.

altrincham-market-frank-about-foods-9altrincham-market-frank-about-foods-10 Take it all in, there’s a lot to see!

Altrincham Market’s food vendors cater for everyone, from cheese-lovers to carb-cravers, vegans and carnivorous beings; and the beauty of it all? You really can’t go wrong!



The slices from Honest Crust are some of the best.


But you gotta be quick…


And North Pie Co?  Well worth a visit; their pie and mash is outstanding, hearty and full of Northern-british flavour. Somehow their homemade sausage roll and piccallili always seems to find its way onto my table…


Little Window serves up an every-changing array of dynamic, fresh and innovative combinations.


Often I have no idea what I’m ordering, I normally just point to a diner whose lunch I’ve been eyeing and throw in a; “I’ll have whatever she’s having,” for good measure.

What I love about Altrincham Market, is that each visit gives you something new. My latest visit included one of my dearest friends, our puppy pals and breakfast butties from Wolfhouse Kitchen.


Thick, meaty sausages, hugged by a fluffy barm and dollops of bright red sauce.

For me, the avocado egg roll.


Avocado, sriracha mayo and the chuckiest of eggs, stacked and served on a brioche bun.


Oozy and deliciously messy…



You’re seriously missing a trick if you leave before dessert.


But if you’re too full, I’ll let you off – just be sure you take something to go…


Altrincham Market is open daily, but be sure to check the opening hours before you head on over. There’s no bookings and you have to be prepared for a potential wait; but I promise you, it’s worth the constant circling of tables to find your little haven amidst the hungry crowds of locals.

Take cash, your appetite and a friend; and if you leave stuffed to burst with a bag full of unnessessary spendature, you’re doing it exactly right.


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