Ezra & Gil

You know what you definitely don’t need?

Another brunch spot.

But brunch isn’t about needs, it’s about wants.

Those delicious, satisfying, too-good-to-be-true wants.

So let’s start with a name; if you’re local to Manchester, you might even know it.

Ezra & Gil

A trendy, dog-friendly, produce-selling hot spot where not only can you get a banging brekkie and lunch; but even pick up a provision or two…

Oh! And a pastry…definitely don’t forget a pastry…

Place your order with one of the lovely girls behind the counter.

Grab yourself a refreshment, and take a seat.

Ezra & Gil’s has been around for a while, and is certainly no secret to locals. Arrive past 10:30 and run the risk of not getting a table.

But if you find yourself unceremoniously bright eyed and bushy tailed at 8am on a weekend morning…

You can enjoy the place to yourself…


We opted for a window seat, where we could while away our morning and watch the world walk by.

The limited action suggested not everyone was feeling as bright and breezy as ourselves; thankfully our view vastly improved within minutes…

Smoked salmon on rye, creme freche, chives, rocket cucumber and capers.

Refreshing, light and fully of zingy flavour.

The perfect way to start your day, but perhaps a little bit too well-behaved?

It is weekend after all…

Introducing, the most photogenic French Toast to ever grace your Instagram feed.

And what’s even better?

It tastes sublime.

A thick, wedge of toast, griddled to perfection; doughy, sweet with no hint of a soggy bottom. Accompanied with freshly whipped cream, fresh fruit and a snowstorm of perfectly powdered sugar.


If you find yourself in the area, be sure to drop in to Ezra and order up an assortment of goodness. With every menu entry as tempting as the last, go with a group and order up a storm, or savour some solitary solo time and treat yourself to some indulgence.

Either way, it’ll be the most splendid way to kick off your weekend.

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