Easy Fish Co

I’ve been a little bit reluctant to tell you about this place.

You know when you find somewhere that’s just so good, you want to only keep it for yourself through fear of never securing a table again?

Alas, I simply can’t resist. It really is quite a catch and one I just know you’re going to love.

The Easy Fish Co had been in my “restaurants to try urgently” Notes for far too long; and so, when my friend and fellow fish fan Sacha and I came to arrange a long-overdue date night, it seemed the perfect backdrop for our Friday evening for deep and meaningful chats (memes and Ryan Gosling), over fine wine and even finer food.

Found in Heaton Moor, this neck of the woods has seen some serious upgrading in recent years, now a hub of eclectic eateries, it’s a far cry from the takeaway paradise I once knew it as in my teens.

Arriving promptly for our 6:30pm reservation (the ONLY reservation I could secure a week in advance), we arrived at a seemingly average fishmonger’s storefront. Pushing through the door, we sidestepped past the chillers, following our noses to the alluring aromas which brought us to the transformed backlot of the shop.

A complete contrast from the normalcy of its outer shell, The Easy Fish Co adapts a casual elegance for its restaurant, complete with open kitchen and soft mood lighting.

The menu comprises fish and seafood dishes which really spoil the palette; the portions looked hearty and artistically plated.

Getting straight down to business, we ordered the Signature Seafood Platter, complete with chilled glasses of Rosé. The perfect choice for the table when you fancy a bit of everything.

Its arrival was rather breathtaking.



A glorious banquet offering gigantic shrimp, baked oysters, tempura prawns, Moules marinière and more besides, all for our taking.

Diving in, we floated through fresh seafood flavours, eyes-rolling, thoughtfully munching and exclaiming delight as we picked apart our platter.

Our mountain of mussels, served in a tub-sized dish, came swimming in a classic mariniere sauce.



Dipping our soft slices of bread into the broth, it soaked up the crisp, zingy white wine flavours beautifully balanced by a creamy consistency and heavily infused with garlic, a wickedly indulgent treat.



King Prawns lay atop smoked fillets of mackerel, glazed dripping in lemon, garlic, and parsley butter.


The Marie Rose sauce which covered yet more fat, succulent prawns was a total winner.

A surprising triumph of the evening lay with the crispily coated, prawn tempura. Something I often steer away from due to previous, greasy imitations, these juicy morsels offered a satisfying, savoury crunch before revealing a plump bite of prawn under a thin layer of crackling batter.

Lip-lickingly moreish and truly sensational when dunked into the homemade tartar sauce.

Having complete cleared the platter of its bounty, we declared it would be criminal to not at least look at the dessert menu and found ourselves pondering over every choice.

Our server kindly mentioned the new-yet-not-on-the-menu dessert sampler which provided you with “minis” of the featured puds.

“Sold!” We happily announced, momentarily forgetting the limited room in our tummies which now housed half the cast of The Little Mermaid.


Now, please forgive my ignorance, but I always associated the term “mini” with “miniature”?

Imagine my delight when 4 full-size portions arrived before our eyes.


Sticky Toffee Pudding; the gooiest, richest most sumptuous of puds.


The Chocolate Brownie, dense and buttery soft; Treacle Tart, sticky and totally scrummy; and Panna Cotta, wonderfully wobbly and gloriously light.

Not to mention biscuit crumb, crumbled meringue, fresh berries and silky soft scoops of vanilla ice cream.

A harmonious collection of truly delectable portions, we felt as rich as queens…which boded well as the bill was slightly less than economical – however, for such a plentiful spread, fantastic service and incredibly crafted creations, we felt this was more than reasonable.

If you fancy treating yourself to a fish supper that’s fresh and fantastically tasty, be sure to book ahead with Easy Fish Co. Tables book up quickly and for good reason, it’s truly off the scale.

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