Lord of the Pies

Are you ready for a picture-heavy post?

And I really mean it, it’s gonna be quite the pie-ful.

My favourite meals are those of the comforting nature. On the days where things are a little bit damp outside, or the air is exceptionally crisp; you find yourself questioning whether it’s too early to put the heating on or whether to pop out for a satisfying slice of stodge.

The latter is, of course, the correct answer.

After a busy morning of errands one particularly gloomy Saturday, I found myself hankering for something of substance. Bundling up against the cold, I called upon my dad to join me for lunch as someone who I knew would truly appreciate the place I had in mind….


Lord of the Pies.

First setting up shop in Stockport in 2011, Lord of the Pies has since popped up premises in Macclesfield and most recently, Chorlton where Papa Frank (AKA Graham) and I marched excitedly in search for the perfect autumn warmer.





Popping in midday, we were pleased to have the pick of the tables as the last of the brunch-ers slowly bumbled on with their day. Wood panelled walls, rustic knick-knacks and fresh blooms create a simple yet cosy setting; we snuggled in, giving our pale ale orders before settling down to consider our PPOA (pie plan of action).


Offering an array of exciting, traditional and inventive pies, spoilt for choice doesn’t even cover it. Alas, after much debate, we opted for Cheshire Lamb with a Red Wine Jus and the Beef and Blue Cheese, choosing braised red cabbage, onion gravy, mustard mash and mushy peas to accompany them from their extensive list of sides.

As the tables slowly began to fill with lunchtime punters, my Dad and I indulged in a long overdue chin-wag as we waited for our bounty.

In no time at all, we were embraced by the love of piping hot platefuls, complete with comforting aromas.


Ready to get acquainted with the Beef and Blue?








Pretty sensational, no?

And just in case you were worried about style over substance…





I can promise you the meatiest of fillings (a ruder description than I would have liked but true nonetheless).

Handsome chunks of beef, cooked until tender in its rich meaty stew, made even more melt-in-the-mouth with soft crumbles of blue cheese.

Complemented greatly by lashings of homemade onion gravy and the sharply sweet contrasting flavour of the stewed red cabbage.



Pop’s pie stood proudly atop a mustard mash mountain alongside a hearty portion of gloriously gloopy mushy peas.

Stuffed with succulent pieces of fall-apart Cheshire lamb and superbly contained in perfected hot water crust pastry.

The mustard mash is a genius creation. Smoother-than-silk mash with a hearty kick from a good dollop of wholegrain mustard, with the peas only further enhancing the experience.


We greedily tucked into our pies to reveal the tender treasures within, unleashing our inner-Desperate Dan’s with gusto; stopping only briefly for breath and to exclaim our delight.

We polished off our pies, feeling more stuffed than a pair of their countertop sausage rolls which I eyed temptingly from my food coma.

LOTP have really thought of everything for the lovers of a British classic, even offering up the chance to pocket a pie from their to-go station, for days when you don’t have time to stop but feel you’re worth more than a Ginsters (and you absolutely are!)



We left feeling thoroughly satisfied, strolling down the now-sunnier streets of Chorlton, exchanging our considerations for our “next time” orders and praises to the perfect autumnal afternoon.

Pie for now.

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