The Church Inn

Sundays, for me, are made for long walks. Preferably by the coast or in the countryside, where the wind whips through your hair and cows eye you suspiciously as you trundle past with uncertainty. But then, once your hair has reached heights of somewhat terrifying levels, and you can no longer feel your fingertips, it’s crucial that these long walks are always rewarded with even longer evenings spent in the cockle-warming embrace of a cosy pub.

Now, this particular Sunday definitely did not entail such a walk, although it wasn’t through lack of trying – and cows were definitely present; however 10 minutes in, we had to surrender to the particularly indecisive Mancunian weather and agreed the beckoning beacon of hope that was The Church Inn in the distance was our best chance of sanctuary.

Bundling in from the chill, we were greeted by the soft glow of candlelight and a wealth of patrons, too busy to look up as they excitedly tackled their piled-high plates of roast.

If you’re looking for a quick-seat and table service, you’re best off booking ahead; but if you don’t mind a wait and a bit of legwork, get comfy at the bar until you can nestle into your own nook.

While the decor may focus on simple comforts, the menu is adventurous whilst still maintaining a quintessentially British vibe, including dishes such as Pork Tenderloin with crispy pigs ear and Roasted Lamb Rump with chickpea puree.

Opting for the Game Pie, I was pleased as punch with its proud arrival; a perfectly puffed-up balloon.


The pastry a glistening buttery gold, I snapped eagerly before heartily tucking in.


Ripping apart the lid to reveal a piping hot stew of tender, melt-in-the-mouth meat. Balanced sharply with strings of braised red cabbage and almond-flaked greens.


The Confit Chicken arrived handsomely, lay on a bed of Puy lentils and complemented with salty bites of bacon, woody mushrooms and liberal drizzle of chicken jus.


If you’re looking for a good alternative to a roast, you’ve found it.


Satisfied and sufficiently stuffed, there was just enough room for pudding.

Ordering the Chocolate Millefeuille, I had good word this particular pud was worth a trip alone.

Teeny weeny, but exceptionally tasty.


Although definitely not for sharing.


Decadent, rich and tops the dreamy scale with a sweet scoop of Cheshire ice cream.

Total perfection.

With the days getting shorter, the Church Inn is the perfect excuse to make your evenings a little longer. Find them in Mobberley, and book ahead for weekends, but if you find yourself in the area, try your luck and pop inn anyway!

3 thoughts on “The Church Inn

  1. SudsEats says:

    Excellent looking dishes. Love that puff pastry lid. I think I would struggle to hide my disappointment if I got such a tiny dessert. A very good Mille Feuile can be had at Bisou Bisou in Didsbury, if you want your money’s worth.


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