La Famiglia

Whilst autumn is admittedly my absolute favourite time of year; when the beautifully bright, crisp and crunchy mornings are quickly replaced with dark and dreary afternoons, come 3 o’clock I can’t help but crave the comfort of a cosy setting, warm atmosphere and rich, delicious food.

Fortunately, one of my favourite Italian’s can deliver on all 3.

Tucked away in the borough of Hale, you’ll find La Famiglia; a charming, family-run restaurant which dishes up comforting, classic fare by the plateful, all for your pleasure.

It’s mine and my best friend Hollie’s favourite place to snuggle up, and escape the blustering winds and dismal wet evenings; where we can sip on something chilled and forget about the daily stresses and concentrate on the more important things in life, like pasta.

We were escorted to our usual table, which gives us the perfect view of every carefully concocted dish which leaves the kitchen, just where we like it.

Ordering up a garlic pizza bread to warm our fingers –



We considered the menu before making our choices.

The menu is positively bursting with a cornucopia of Italian feastings, but be sure to check out their specials board – there’s always a corker of a dish on there.

We gossiped as we nibbled, and supped on goblets of rose gold nectar, excitedly awaiting the arrival of our mains.

Tagliatelle Alfredo for Hollie.

Ribbons of pasta and mushrooms coated in a velvety-smooth cream sauce and topped with parmesan.

Simple, yet sensational.

And wild boar pappardelle with porcini ragu for me; my favourite combination of words and the special of the day.



Dusted with parmesan; it was the hearty portion of rich, meaty comfort I had been craving which enveloped me in the biggest bear hug.

Irresistible, and exactly what the doctor ordered.

Feeling more stuffed than a pair of ricotta-filled cannoli’s, we relaxed into our plush booth, content in our own little world in a post-pasta haze.

“Would you like to see the dessert menu?” our server asked.

Hollie and I eyed each other, sizing up the situation.

“We’ll just take a look!” I answered, best friend code for; “We’re definitely ordering dessert, and we’re definitely not sharing.”

We placed an order for the first things we laid our eyes on; profiteroles, Famiglia style and some other delicious, chocolate covered snowball-esque pud whose proper name escapes me right now – melt-in-the-mouth and simply heavenly…

IMG_7141 2



Whether you’re in the mood for a subdued evening spent in refined carbacide, or you’re looking to stuff yourself silly, I highly recommend giving La Famiglia a try. It can often be busy, especially at the weekend, so best to book ahead. 

Call your favourite, take a taxi and don’t hold back on the parmesan. Trust me, it’ll satisfy your need for the quality indulgence you’ve been so desperately craving.

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