Tis’ the season for delicious extravagances; and would you believe it? I have found yet another place, fit for your indulgence this festive season.

Situated close to HOME, a mere stone throw away from Deansgate; Laundrette sits like a beckoning glitter ball amidst an otherwise ordinary square of corporate buildings. Try to walk past and you’ll quickly be enticed by the glowing neon’s, twinkling fairy lights and excitable hubbubs which escape from the bar-come-eatery.

A popular post-work haunt for locals, you might have to fight for a space at the bar – but trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Ordering a round of Wafflin’ On Old Fashioned’s, these babies put enough warmth in our bellies for us to shake off our coats before we shimmied into our spacious booth for the evening.


Ravenous for everything, we ordered what we deemed to be the highlights of the menu (along with the recommendations of our charming server).

Fresh and light Tuna Tartare, topped with mildly bitter bites of blood orange and delicately soft quails egg.



Bresaola with Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese


A tender, meaty dream, NOT to be missed.

Mussels, cooked in a creamy, white wine sauce infused with shallots and smoked cheese, served with toasted bread or ciabatta.


The smoked cheese adds an extra creamy indulgence, packed with rich flavour; make sure you soak your bread in the juices for extra naughtiness.




Plump, juicy and encased in a wondrously light, crisp batter – a favourite for the table and irresistible when dunked in the lemon pepper aioli; of which we would have liked more of (which was more of a result of our greediness than the actual portion size).


Moving on to mains, we hedged our bets – ordering the best of the bunch to share.

Carbonara Pizza




Mozzarella, grana Padano, pancetta (we opted for prosciutto instead, served on the side so our Pescatarian pal could have in on the action) and a perfectly poppable chucky egg, served on a creamy, béchamel base. Super filthy and your new favourite way to celebrate Cheesemas.

Salt and Pepper Tuna Steak


Meaty and zingy served rare and seasoned with orange, pickled fennel and salsa verde; a total catch.

Pan Fried Seabass


Cooked to absolute perfection, light flakes of fish contrasting deliciously against the crisp bites of crunchy fillet skin. Served with wilted spinach and a tastebud tingling wine and lemon caper dressing.

Having eaten enough to satisfy a small army at this point, we pretended to consider whether we were too full for pudding.

Our eyes flicked briefly over the dessert menu; ignoring the protests from our waistbands, we loosened our jeans before excitedly ordered our final course of the evening with a round of Negroni’s.

A richly decadent Affogato.


Basil Mint Panna Cotta with Chocolate Honeycomb and Peach Straw, it shouldn’t work, but by golly does it! And Prosecco Jelly Cheesecake, silly, squishy and totally wonderful.


We tumbled out of Laundrette with tummies fit to bust, full of joy and delight (well, carbs and cocktails – but aren’t they just one and the same?)

A special place definitely worthy of sharing with your favourites. Find them here,  go give them a spin.

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