The Bagel Shop EAT New York

Do you want to know my core components for a successful brunch?

Good company

Gin-fuelled cocktails

and lots and lots of meat.

Now, if you’re lucky – you’ll already have the first of the three in the bag; and the next two? Well, I’d like to hope that I can help with that.

I’ve followed Eat NY on Instagram ever since their food truck first graced the streets of Manchester back in 2015; when I found out that they had finally opened up permanent premises right in my backyard, well…I was there in a New York minute.

You’ll find them on Oldham Street, its understated store front giving nothing away of the marvellous creations which are enclosed inside.

Whilst the decor is painfully simple, industrial with a hint of New York moodiness about it; the friendly welcome from the Eat NY team paints the ambience with a cosy warmth which contrasts against the cool grey walls.


We ordered up a round of drinks, heavy with hair of the dog and ordered a whole lot of brunch from the menu. It’s a helluva read and you’ll most certainly struggle with your choosing, but you’ll be happy to find many of the meat-stuffed handfuls you can find on their Street Diner truck with additional New York classics, exclusive to The Bagel Shop.

First, the Crab Shack Bagel.

Shredded chunks of crab claw, bacon, avocado, red onion, rocket, smothered with dollops of chipotle marie rose.

Every bite is bursting with fresh flavour from the meaty hunks of crab claw, a mild infusion of salt from the bacon is softened by the creaminess of avocado with one last kick of flavour from the chipotle mayo.

Deliciously light and a favourite amongst us all.

Now, you can’t possibly can’t say, hand on heart that you’ve visited New York, if you left before trying a Reuben.

It’s as much of an institution as the national anthem or Sarah Jessica Parker, and Eat New York have a version which rivals that of Katz Deli (if you know, you know).

Choose from a full pound, or half pound sandwich, and try not to be too captivated by its beauty when it arrives.

Stacked heartily with hot pulled pastrami, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and Russian dressing; Eat New York take their sandwich build super seriously, and use American brisket to guarantee the juiciest, meatiest filling before giving it two weeks of cured, salted love.

It’s a long process, but worth it if the moans of delight from the customers are anything to go by.

I wouldn’t advise trying to be a lady with this beast – grab it with two hands, wrap your chops around it and enjoy a socking big bite, which will positively ooze with flavour and moreish-ness.


Don’t rush, although you’ll be tempted to forget to breathe in favour of its splendour; this sandwich has taken quite the journey, and the meat is oh-so-more softer and richer for it.

If you still have room (even if you don’t have room), please order the Deep Fried Apple Pie?

A favourite amongst the servers who quite literally can’t stop shouting about it.

Tempura fried and served with warm, gooey caramel, hunks of brown sugar and a soft frozen scoop of vanilla ice cream.

A total work of art, deliciously naughty and eye-rollingly good.

If you’re well overdue some meat sweats, I can’t recommend The Bagel Shop enough. You can taste the passion of its creators behind every bite, a true testament to the decadent innovation that are New York classics and at a pretty penny cheaper than airfare to the Big Apple.

Go, enjoy and thank me later.


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