Albert’s Schloss

When Spring idly refuses to…well spring, no matter how much we forcefully wave goodbye to Winter; one must take it upon themselves to find sweet relief from the bitter cold.

And guess what?

I’ve only bloody gone and found it.

Whilst it’s tempting to stay indoors, wrapped up like a human-burrito, you simply must summon the energy to leave the comfort of your lair, if only for one reason; and what better reason than brunch?

Especially when it’s brunch with one of your favourites.

We bundled into Albert’s Schloss, hungry, desperately chilly and very much in need of comfort.

First glances assured me we were in the right place.





Taking safe haven in one of the quiet corners of Albert’s Schloss, we tucked ourselves into the snuggest of snugs and relaxed against the feather down cushions.


The mood was relaxed and soothing, fellow brunchers chatted softly between themselves as the open fire blazed, warming the entirety of the space, creating a cosiest of ambiences – quite the achievement for such a large venue.

We poured ourselves mugfuls of piping hot tea, clutching them as we chattered, savouring the moments of delicious warmth.


Whilst Albert’s Schloss offers quite the variety, the morning called for avocado toast and poached eggs; nothing groundbreaking I’m afraid, but a benchmark brunch staple I’m sure you’ll agree.




A side order of bacon from Chloe meant she was met by half a pig adorning her plate; much to her pleasure, she gleefully ploughed through the succulent rashers which held that delightful glisten of…well grease, but the finest of grease, I promise you.

The bread is baked daily in-haus and is served by the wedge, once smothered in smashed, chunky avocado and seasoned with zingy squeezes of lemon, poached eggs are then placed on top, the pièce de résistance to the much favoured, brunch classic.


Whether you’re looking to pinch a brief moment of luxury before work, or are after a long lazy affair for you and a friend, Albert’s Schloss simply must be on your hit-list if you’re still yet to try this Manchester staple.

Go for the food, but stay for the experience and upgrade your weekday to something a little more extraordinary.

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