Another Heart to Feed

Some things you just have an inexplainable good feeling about.

A mid-season sale, the impending fourth season of Peaky Blinders (just 11 months to go!) A fourth gin and tonic; I mean, when are such things ever not a good idea?

In this instance, it was an (almost) new brunch spot which, as my very good luck would have it, had opened up just around the corner.

Another Heart to Feed may not be completely unfamiliar to you, they had after all already made quite the impression on Manchester when they opened their original site on Salford’s Chapel Street; alas due to a sudden increase in rent on their premises, were forced to temporarily close, and what became Salford loss was to the great gain on West Didsbury’s already thriving high street to which AHTF has nestled in effortlessly, as though it was always meant to be.

We never set out to brunch; “just a stroll around Didsbury!” We said. “Maybe a jaunt by the canal?”


This was Sunday, we had been ever-so-slightly smashed the night before, we were unconsolably famished and in quite desperate need of a coffee. Which is why our feet directed us several kilometres away from the canal (which was really too muddy to walk around anyway…) And right into the arms of Another Heart to Feed.



Bundling in from the snow (yes, snow in February) we were met with a vibrant space, filled with Didsbury natives and fellow brunchers, similarly searching for their mimosa- cocktail-runny egg-baconey-dukka-seed-flourished fix.

“A coffee, we’ll just stop for a coffee.”

Cue one of the utterly charming servers, gliding past holding platefuls of art cleverly disguised as smoked salmon on rye, and we swiftly asked for a table for two.



The booths are best for people watching, but the communal tables give the best light (and laughs depending on who you share your bench with).

The space is really quite spectacular and a ‘grammers dream, with the decor a straight up replica of your most favourited Pinterest boards.


We ordered modestly, still slightly bashful from our impromptu 3am Chinese the night previous (the less said about that the better…)

Coffee, Smashed Avocado with Poached Egg and Feta and House made Beans with parmesan, both served over sourdough.


Now, I don’t want to oversell this – but I think this could have been possibly the prettiest brunch I ever laid eyes on.


The standard Avocado Toast (which is by no means your average avo toast).



Chunky smashed avo and hunks of crumbled feta are loaded onto toasted sourdough before being graced with delicate sprinkles of saffron. Beetroot hummus, dukkah and a delightfully oozy poached egg decorate the remainder of the plate and give off a really special mixture of textures and flavours to an otherwise simple dish.


Almost too beautiful to eat.

House made Beans with fresh thyme and a sprinkling of parmesan. Served over sourdough with a side of chorizo.




Hearty, comforting and just a little bit cheesy, the exact qualities one strives for in a brunch (and a partner coincidentally).

The words “homemade baked beans” always evoke such delight with me, but I tread with caution after a previous disaster with cannellini beans and a jar of shop-bought passata; alas these house made beans balanced just the right amount of rich and smoky flavour, made extra indulgent with melted parmesan and snaps of spiced chunky chorizo.

My only critique was that the sourdough didn’t fair too well underneath such a rich and thick sauce, this was quickly rectified however using the extra bread our server had given us (for NO reason! Just for extra bread’s sake, which was nothing short of a delight).

If you couldn’t already tell, I highly recommend you take trip to Another Heart to Feed. It’s laid back Aussie approach, with hints of scandi-style influence and wonderfully friendly team make it the perfect place to start any day, they’re super passionate about what they do and have some strong suppliers on board (including Trove bakery – swoon!) Who they can’t help but rave about in their menu.

Take your other half, your best friend or even a gang of your favourites, find your spot and spend a long, lazy morning making the most of it, I insist!






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