Discovering that one of your favourite watering holes not only whips up a dazzling G&T, but also offers a banging food menu is one of those super delicious pot luck moments, like finding a five pound note in your jeans pocket or getting an extra shot of vanilla syrup in your Chai Latte for free.

For me, Trof was once reserved as a space where I could humiliate myself through the mixed media of bad dancing (countless occasions) and sitting down where there wasn’t a chair (once). But in recent years, Trof has massively upped their game and become key players in the NQ’s abundance of charming eateries.

With a drool-inducing ‘gram and seasonal menu positively bursting with variety, fresh produce and innovative platefuls; you’re seriously missing a trick if this place isn’t already on your “fail-safe” food list.

Living in a city where new restaurants, dining concepts and the latest “it” food trends pop up practically weekly, I normally feel guilty going anywhere twice; but with Trof, I was happy to become a repeat offender and bend my usual rules in the name of a good feed and a full belly.

Take your favourites, a week-day evening is best, slither into a booth and set up shop for the eve.



The menu might make you feel spoilt for choice, but just go with your gut, you really can’t go wrong with this place.

Order up at the bar…



And don’t return without one of their signature cocktails (I highly recommend the Shrubsy Malone).

On the occasions where I’ve dined at Trof, the wait for the food is a little longer than expected; alas it’s difficult to stay miffed when the food is this good.

Sea bass Nicoise


The perfectly-crisped fillet lays atop a wilted bed of spinach and beans; blushed tomato and olives adding an intense, salty burst of flavour to the delicate bites of fish, soft new potato and greens.

I have to say, I wasn’t expecting a great deal when ordering this plate; mostly opting for it because it seemed to carry more “health points” than the other dishes…but imagine my delight when this otherwise above-average salad was completed by a golden, crispy-coated hens egg; a glorious variation of the usual boiled egg normally seen with a nicoise.

Still crackling from its date with the fryer; the soft yolk of the egg oozed into a puddle coating the rest of the dishes element in its rich yellow nectar.


The Katsu Curry is 100% Vegan (but don’t let that put you off).



Trof successfully manage to inject flavours of chilli and lime into the tofu, before frying it till crisp in a light coating of batter.

Fragrant basmati rice bulks out the dish while a hearty portion of crispy kale combined with pickled ginger and radish add waves of heat to every mouthful.

Wonderfully satisfying, even for the most committed carnivores.

If you’re looking for simplicity at its very best; the Buttermilk Chicken Burger is the plate for you.

(A moment of appreciation for the bun-lid of perfection).


Succulent pieces of juicy, fried chicken, paired with slaw, lettuce and hugged between two brioche buns.

Spectacularly simple, but marvellously executed.

Totally stuffed, we didn’t bother with pudding – but with Plum Eton Mess and Apple & Bramble Crumble on offer, you’d do well to find some room if you can manage it.

Trof is well worth a go if you find yourself in need of a mid-week pick-me-up. With 50% off food on Monday’s and live music on Thursdays, it’s quite impossible to leave Trof without a smile on your face and a splash of rum & coke down your blouse (old habits die hard).

Menu here

Book for 50% off here (Monday’s only).

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