Federal Cafe & Bar

Now that I have the pleasure of working in Manchester City centre, I find myself in abundance with opportunities to dine out.

A lunch date here, a cup of coffee there – sure I wince every time I tap my card to pay contactless, convinced that THIS round of Flat White’s will be met with the impending “decline” (such a lifestyle is really too lush to be brandishing so close to payday)…Alas! If you can’t enjoy a sweet sip of Vanilla Chai that costs the same amount as a two-day train fare ticket (they do fly the coffee beans direct from New Zealand after all, Business Class too no doubt), in the years you find yourself gloriously without a mortgage, when can you eh?

I truly used to dread Monday’s, adapting a Garfield-like grimace every time my 6am alarm, which officially signified the end of the weekend, rang into my ears. But now, I embrace them (I write this on a Friday afternoon, whilst sipping a cup of peppermint tea, legs tucked up on the couch with Monday morning a blissful 2 lie-ins away…so the reality may be a touch sketchy).

Monday’s are a new opportunity, a chance to get organised, to set the foundation for the week and most importantly…a new chance to brunch.

Power-brunching is not a new concept by any means; but it was new territory for me and is a fantastic opportunity to combine your most important meal of the day with the some of the most important people in your life.

Meeting at 8:30am, Sacha and I power-walked from my remote parking spot on the outskirts of Salford Quays (the things you do for free parking) to the Northern Quarter, making a beeline for our favourite breakfast joint, Federal Cafe & Bar.

Simple, rustic, with a handful of achingly hip servers which hang ready to take your order.

Inspired by a lady we saw on the way in, carefully spooning porridge into her mouth whilst dreamily reading her book; we ordered coffees and a bowlful to share, just because.


Steel-cut oats, piping-hot and rich with comforting flavours. Flaked almonds, blueberries, a drizzle of honey and a handsome dollop of tart rhubarb compote add extra finesse to an ordinary humble dish.


Wetting our appetites with our breakfast “starter”, we ordered up the usual for the main event; smashed avo over sourdough, side of smoked salmon and poached eggs.




The millennial breakfast of champions.

Gloriously runny eggs sealed the deal, oozing over chunks of avocado and freshly toasted bread.


We devoured the lot, exchanging ideas, plans for the week, all the while basking in the sensational fresh flavours which stayed consistent and scrumptious, right to the very last bite.

If you can tear yourself away from your bed, just an extra hour earlier this Monday; I highly encourage that you do so, doing something just a little out of the ordinary once in a while can do wondrous things for the rest of your week.

If you aren’t able to grab yourself such a luxury during the week, then you absolutely MUST treat yourself some other way. A delicious half hour with your book (better throw in a slice of cake too for good measure…), a quick jaunt down by the canal with your favourite album in your ears – whatever makes you happy, be sure to sneak it in there and add a bit of extra magic to your Monday!

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