SiOP Shop

I have the teeniest, tidbit of a recommendation for you with this post, but though it may be short, I can promise you it’s extra sweet and cream-filled *insert drool emoji here*.


Found in the depths of the Northern Quarter, SiOP Shop is now the official home to Blawd Bakery, known for previously making magic in the basement kitchen of Common, just a stones throw away from the bakeries new home.

The cosy nook, with many a nod to the owners Welsh roots, is simple but inviting, deliciously decorated with art and are boasters of the best damn filled doughnuts in Manchester.



While Maltby Street Market’s doughy creations still has my heart, I have a doughnut shaped hole in my life of which SiOP Shop seems to have nestled in perfectly.

A quaint space, you can sit and while away the hours with friends; or grab and go from their counter. There’s a simple yet very well executed cafe-esque menu, and rows upon rows of the daily doughnut specials with traybake’s and brownies to boot alongside. Vegans can rejoice at SiOP’s selection of doughy offerings which contain no trace of animal at all (but STILL taste like delightful human food).




I cannot for the life of me remember which doughnut I had on my first visit, but I DO remember all the important details; sinking my teeth into perfectly fluffy sponge, the handsomely-filled jelly jam centre and its light coating of soft, sweet glaze.

I polished off my first taste of Blawd sat in the window and immediately went in for a second, top lip and fingertips still frosted with sugar.

Word (and a real-time WhatsApp picture journey) of my visit to Siop Shop prompted interest from my other half, who insisted we return together to indulge in the full experience (and many more doughnuts).

Flash forward a week later, we found ourselves deliciously with a day to ourselves and popped in for a spot of brekkie.

Daffodils, aligned like cheery soldiers adorned the windowsill.


On a mid-morning weekday, the shop was a far cry from the bustling yet warm weekend atmosphere, but no less welcoming and still occupied with a punter or two.



Eyeing the updated counter menu, we placed our order and cosied up on a table for two.


Dau breakfast muffins, two cappuccinos and a pair of doughnuts for a pair of doughnuts.


Both muffins handsomely stacked, we enjoyed wolf-sized bites which combined homemade potato rosti, Monterey Jack, sausage patty and crisp fried egg.

Simple but homely, no frills but full of flavour; exactly the kind of brekkie your nan would whip up and serve you ahead of the Corrie omnibus on a Sunday.

With our morning growls well and truly satisfied, it was time to get down to serious business.


The Maple and Pecan doughnut (an incredibly photogenic specimen I’m sure you’ll agree).


And just out of shot…the classic Vanilla Custard.


Both creations excruciatingly wonderful, impossibly light and devilishly moreish.

If you can talk yourself out of ordering another one (or two) you deserve a bloody medal (but why fight the inevitable? Go on, order it to go!)

Whilst still in its “hidden gem” mode to most, weekends will still see Siop Shop full of sweet-toothed locals in the know; and you’d do right to become one very quickly.

Their flavours are beyond divine, from Crème brûlée to Tiramisu, it’s quite impossible to pick one, so please, grab a friend and order the lot!

No website, but they absolutely nail it on Twitter.

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