Breakfast at Worsley Old Hall

Morning’s are most definitely my favourite.

Don’t get me wrong, there are very few things which beat a lazy Sunday in bed; particular ones spent with lost in your favourite paperback with Paolo Nutini playing in the background (not live sadly), but there is also something wonderfully satisfying about embracing a get-up-and-go frame of mind, and leaving the house early doors to fully immerse yourself in the day.

These instances are also particularly special when such an occasion is graced with the company of one of your best friends, in the town’s cosiest of caverns.

Okay, so not so much a cavern, but rather a grand hall, Worsley Old Hall to be precise; a gloriously old-school country house pub and melting pot of yummy mummy’s, Breton-clad dads, roaring open fires and buttery-leather armchairs just begging to be snuggled into.



We tucked ourselves away into a cosy nook, ordering tea for two and more besides to silence our morning rumbles.

Worsley Old Hall offer all the usual suspects for your morning meal, including an impressive Full English and Avocado Toast; however newly pregnant Kim had other cravings…


Buttermilk pancakes, topped with bacon and blueberries.


The pancakes fluffy, the bacon crisp; a harmonious contrast of textures with extra sweet kisses from liberal drizzles of maple syrup.

Just a little bit naughty, but just what the doctor (baby) ordered.



I had plumped for pan-fried wild mushrooms, sautéed with spinach and topped with a poached egg on a toasted granary bloomer. Smashed avocado on the side because…well does avocado ever need a reason to be present nowadays?

The bloomer was haphazardly sawed, exactly how I like it; doorstop thick and ever so slightly sweet. A delightful crunch amidst the softened woody bites of mushroom and creamy spinach.

Oh and the ooziest egg you ever did see.




We stayed until midday chatting about anything and everything, never without a cup of tea in our hand and coo-ing endlessly at the misbehaving dogs situated just out of our reach (thank goodness for extendable dog leads and easily distracted owners – otherwise we would have never gotten met our quota of dog strokes).

Living in a world where you feel like you’re constantly running late, don’t have enough time or are constantly battling against a mounting to-do list; it really does you good to make a little bit of time to savour some time with your friendships.

Whether it’s calling them out of the blue (on the phone I mean, not round at the house – if you drop in unexpectedly on me you will more than likely find me in my pyjamas so let’s save both of us from the horror), or popping out together for breakfast, it’s important to relish in the simple joy that is a cup of tea and catch ups with our nearest and dearest.

Find them here, no need to book, but if you plan on popping in past 11am, be prepared to fight one of the yummy mummy’s for the good table.

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