Flower Cup

Spring is sure as heck taking it’s time before it decides to present it’s blooming lovely self.

But until then, I’ve found the sweetest of spots, positively bursting with botanical delights and floral decor to satisfy your appetite for Spring, but the best part of this oasis? It also dishes up a bangin’ brekkie.



Stepping in from the down and out weather with its uncertain temperatures and grizzly grey clouds; Flower Cup is every bit as adorable as it sounds and is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Greenery flurries itself from every nook and cranny of the cafe; succulents poised dramatically in the shop front, enticing passersby in to take a closer look.





We found ourselves a sweet spot, and immediately ordered up some necessities.


Taking our time to mull over the offerings, the menu is every bit as colourful as the neons that decorate the space (and the ladies that work there – sidenote: Jess, our waitress was an absolute Aussie delight).

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 16.07.50.png



The coffee is handcrafted and intensely satisfyingly.


The brunch menu is a veritable feast of classics gone rogue with colour and charm as the starring roles.

Needless to say we were both mighty chuffed with our selections.

The Flower Cup Breakfast for J.


Crispy rashers of bacon, fried egg, Sriracha beans, tomatoes, avocado and a wedge of raggedly cut  toast.



Wedge on that!


Crisp on that!!!!


A superior upgrade on your average Full English, the rich, silky avocado comprised with crisp bites of salty bacon – a complete and utter joy of a mouthful when drizzled with the nectar of the sunshine yellow yolk.

For me, the Breakfast Tacos.



Soft Shell Tacos stuffed with crispy fried egg, chunky mouthfuls of halloumi, a peppery handful of rocket, fresh, smooth flavours of avocado, a juxtaposition against the zingy kicks of Sriracha Mayo.




Even Jacob couldn’t resist getting it for the ‘gram.

Two per portion, it’s just the right amount to satisfy your morning growl (although you might be tempted by a little extra somethin’ somethin’ if you’re a greedy girl like me…)



You’ll find Flower Cup within the walls of Chester; no reservations, but you’d do well to get yourself in as early as possible. Within an hour of opening there were no seats to be had as it quickly becomes the brunch spot for locals and tourists alike.

I absolute adore Chester, if you ever find yourself in this glorious city, be sure to leave yourself with enough time to stroll around the historic Watergate Row level shops, bob in to the breathtaking Cathedral and definitely make sure you stop and smell the roses…or the Spider plant, depending on where you brunch.

2 thoughts on “Flower Cup

  1. writingbolt says:

    Now, we’re getting somewhere. Better pendant lighting (compared to previous stops you made). I like the lush greenery (though the place looks more like a garden shop just getting started). The entrees look filling and pleasant enough; I definitely prefer the taco version.

    However, I feel bacon is an insult to the avocado because the latter is supposed to be good oils and fats versus the bacon which is generally considered bad fat and something to be kept minimal or out of the diet (from the few sources I’ve heard such recommendation). The restaurant/café could use a splash of color to its walls. And, the neon signs take away from the natural ambience; though I suspect they come in handy when it’s dinnertime. [So, why are they running during daylight hours?]

    I did not realize your area was so full of avocadoes. SO many avocadoes in these visits. An avocado a day keeps the doctor away?

    The desserts look good, but there isn’t one in the picture that says “breakfast pastry.” I’d save those for a pre- or post- dinner treat.

    I like how the woman in the one photo looks like you caught her off-guard. She is saying, “Uh-oh. There’s a woman over there taking my picture. Why? What is she doing?”

    I recently went to a local place for dinner with family that made me think of you and these “food travels.” I was tempted to make a food blog about it and/or send word your way. It was a very humble yet well composed little place with plenty of clever accents and a decent menu, though nothing quite as fancy as the above entrees.


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