A long Bank Holiday weekend positively begs to be celebrated with a good brunch.

With a friend’s birthday to celebrate and 5 girlfriends all miraculously free on the same day at the same time; we had arranged to meet at Cottonopolis in the Northern Quarter for a date that would combine a birthday brunch with the judge-less opportunity to get ridiculously drunk before noon.

Having only been to Cottonopolis previously for their remarkable sushi; I was excited to experience their take on the most important meal of the day. In a city where you can’t swing a sourdough without getting it slathered in avocado, I was hungry to try something with a little innovation and a bit more naughty that your average acai bowl.




The restaurant itself is achingly cool; glowing lightbulbs, exposed brick, draped fabrics – all the usual suspects; but with an edge that makes this otherwise standard opulence in a grade II setting deliciously unique.

We ordered up quite the spread of food. To start (…oh yes, there were starters); the entire ‘snack’ menu.


Beef and Quail Egg Nigiri



Pork and Kimchi Dumplings



Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Maki Roll




Tomato and Bacon Skewers



Sweet Potato and Sesame Hash Browns


I could comment on each one individually, but honestly? Each description would be the same.


A remarkable firework of flavour, every single one. A divine twist on sushi favourites and classic brunch bites.

At £5 a pop, I highly recommend giving each one a whirl; they’re also the perfect option if you’re someone looking for a lighter bite.


If our starters were the definition of a spread, the mains were somewhat of a banquet.


Of course there are the fail-safes of Avocado Toast and Salmon and Eggs to appease the less adventurous; but on this particular day, bellies lined with courage from a mimosa (or three) we all opted for something a little more luxurious.

Steak and Eggs




Steak, cooked perfectly pink; served over mushrooms atop sourdough with the most gloriously crispy fried eggs, dotted with chives.

Crispy Duck Leg with Waffle and Fried Duck Egg


A true sight to behold, ridiculously photogenic and eye-rollingly tasty. Cut a sizeable forkful of duck (and be sure to get some crispy skin on there), a chunk of waffle and dip into the sunshine yellow yolk for a divine journey to flavour town.


If my own plate hadn’t been so heavenly, I might have just been jealous.

Speaking of which…


Wagyu Brisket and Poached Egg Crumpet



Whilst perhaps not the prettiest of plates; these little doughy stacks of dreams were a melting pot of rich, savoury goodness; the wagyu beef succulent, tender and almost sweet whilst the crumpets sank deliciously, heavy with flavour. The hollandaise and yolk comprising a wonderful marriage to add extra luxuriousness.

We devoured the lot, satisfied with our efforts to stuff ourselves silly and feeling blessed that we could slip into a Sunday food coma with no fear of becoming subject to the dreaded Smonday feels.

As you can probably gather, I highly recommend a trip to Cottonopolis. While I fully advocate you try them out for an unforgettable date night; their brunch is seriously something special and not one to be missed.

They get busy quickly, so book and arrive early to get as much enjoyment out of the bottomless brunch as physically possible!

What a way to spend the weekend!

One thought on “Cottonopolis

  1. writingbolt says:

    Das a lotta photos!

    You had me with the first few pictures. The décor is exquisite in a harmonious way…with one failing. The chairs/stools are not for the heavyset. You have to be a lightweight to be comfortable there. The wire frames are so damn thin; that’s ridiculous. But, sparing that security, the rest of the place looks great.

    The snack menu all looks delicious though I’ve yet to try sushi. But, I’m questioning the price-to-portion ratio a bit. [Though, when it comes to sushi, I can’t be sure.]

    There also seems to be a strong interest in eggs in this area and this restaurant, particularly. While I’m okay with steak and eggs, the steak I see is too pink for me. I am more of a well-done guy who doesn’t want my meal bleeding much on the plate (though I also don’t want dry, blah meat, either). And, while I like duck, I am slightly put off by the duck leg with one of its unfertile young (to avoid using another word) next to it on the same plate. It’s kind of like serving the chicken or pig with the head still attached. Your plate, on the other hand, is adequately tasty-looking, sort of a blend of egg McMuffin with Sloppy Joe.

    I don’t know why you had to get drunk before/at lunchtime.

    But, I am hungry just looking at this post even though I just had lunch.


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