Proove Pizza

Who doesn’t need a new pizza spot in their lives?

Especially when you find yourself horrifically without a table on a Saturday night when you’ve decided at the last minute that what you both fancy is a proper Neapolitan pizza, and you’ve exhausted all of your efforts in finding space at your usual favourites.

One must always have options.

Now, I must warn you, I can’t take much pride in my photos for this post, but I’ll do my upmost to paint a picture in your mind, so delicious you’ll be wiping the desire from your chin.

Having spent the day walking almost the entirety of Bollington’s canal side, we decided the best way to spend our worked up appetite was to throw some dough in Didsbury, at a pizza place we set our sites upon when our beloved Double 00 Zero was predictably booked up.

Whilst Double 00 Zero is charmingly casual, informal and communal, characteristics which closely resemble its home of Chorlton; the Didsbury pizza parlour takes on a more refined, sleek and organised demeanour, a perfect fit for Burton Road.


We enjoyed a round whilst waiting for our table, taking a seat by the open frontage which looked out onto the. unfolding buzz of a warm Spring eve.






We were seated imminently, amidst a gaggle of first dates and friends sharing food and dived straight into mains (which was immediately regretted at sight of our neighbours Antipasti Sharing Plate).



Diavola for J…



Stretched dough, decorated with Nduja, fennel salami, chillies, San Marzano D.O.P. tomatoes and Fior di Latte mozzarella before being whacked onto a paddle and fired with 350 degree flames in their handsome wood fire oven.

“You know…” My other half considered whilst chewing thoughtfully on his dough crust; “This might be the best pizza I’ve ever had.”

A bold, but believable statement.


Greens…for colour, and for me, the Calzone.


A pocket of dough, stuffed with fennel salami, roast ham, roast onion, Fior di Latte mozzarella, parmigiano reggiano, & fresh basil.

Golden, chewy dough with a slight char to add to its charm; its contents gooey, with layers of cheese surrounding salty bites of meat and sharp tomato flavour.

Enjoyable, but my enthusiasm did not share my partners; finding it hard to break my loyalty to Double 00 Zero, I wanted my Calzone to be fuller, a pillow of plump filling and more besides, I’ve been spoilt with gargantuan portions that Proove’s tasty tidbit left me hankering for more…so much so, I just HAD to order dessert.



Feeling adventurous, and hungry for more of the admittedly exemplary dough, I opted against my usual obligatory Tiramisu and plumped for a Pizza Dolce.


Proove’s classic pizza dough, smothered with Nutella and topped with Salted Ricotta, rolled and served in delicious parcel form, branch-like and powdered with icing sugar.

Exceptionally naughty, but saintly enough to prompt a “hallelujah” chorus in your head, (side note : would be EVEN more heavenly with a sweet scoop of vanilla gelato).


Even Jacob found himself powerless to resist Proove’s Affogato.


Simple Vanilla Ice Cream, served by the glassful, with a side of espresso ready to coat its sweet mouthfuls with a bitter bite.






Whilst I originally apologised on behalf of my photographs for this post, I might have to revoke my earlier statement. I was bothered by the effect the restaurant’s lighting had on the pictures I took, but at second glance, I really quite enjoy the warming glow left by the gleam of the Edison bulbs, perfectly capturing the golden glow of an evening spent at Proove.

Whilst it might not have taken the crown for best pizza in Manchester in my book, it’s an undeniable pizza heaven right in the heart of West Didsbury.

2 thoughts on “Proove Pizza

  1. writingbolt says:

    I was anticipating a pizza orgasm but only became halfway stimulated. Still, the images are decent; I actually like the stark features of this place and the golden glow. These little places must never be threatened by crime, considering what looks like folding glass door out front. They use pizza dough like some places can turn a tortilla or wonton wrapper into something other than a side dish or entree. That’s quite a big bar for such a little place. Overall, nice digs. I’d pay it a visit.


  2. SudsEats says:

    Nice. Jacob’s pizza is more tempting than the calzone. I was craving pizza on Monday, the whole weekend even. There were Heaton Moor options or Didsbury. I ended up making my own Indian paneer pizza. Turned out great.


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