Duck and Waffle

Special occasions call for a very special breakfast.

Now this special occasion could be a birthday treat or a toast to exemplary news, but for us it was a Saturday, we were in London and we were very hungry.

And if that doesn’t deserve a very special breakfast, I just don’t know what does.

Duck and Waffle had been on my radar for far too long, but was always just out of reach. Notoriously popular and so almost impossible to book; I was thrilled to have made a reservation for the only available space at 9:30am on the weekend of our getaway.

We rose early from our space-like pod (the new premier inn hubs, seriously – you have to try). And set off on the uncharacteristically quiet streets of London; giddy with sleep deprivation and  hunger. We arrived at Heron Tower and took the elevator, watching as London slowly woke up around us as we flew forty stories high.

After timidly walking through the restrooms of the restaurant, we were quite uncertain as to whether we had come to the right place – until the tell-tale smells of sizzling sausages and toasted slices of thick farmhouse bread assured us we were on the right track. Finding the maitre d’ stand, we were taken to our table and left to pick our jaws off the floor.


The view, was quite frankly spectacular.

Drinking in our surroundings, we admired that vast impressiveness of London Town, which almost glittered in the early morning sunshine.



Ordering up a Flat White and a hand-pressed OJ (sadly I think the only hand-pressing this orange juice saw was to get the lid off the bottle…) We drank them slowly as we mused over the menu and it’s decadent offerings.

After much deliberation, J plumped for the Ox Cheek Benedict.

A generous stack of slow cooked ox cheek, topped with two perfectly poppable eggs, and piled onto a toasted waffle, finished with lashings of hollandaise and siriacha.

Filthy rich and full of flavour down to the very last bite.

I opted for the restaurant’s namesake.


A plate of simplicity…but a sensation of flavours when devoured.




The duck impeccably tender and gloriously juicy under it’s coat of crispy skin, fried egg softly salted and pleasingly yellow, the waffle light and chewy – combined together and drizzled liberally with mustard maple syrup, it was truly magnificent and certainly worth naming your 40-story-high eatery after.

After eating our weight in golden platefuls, we continued to ponder the view as we psyched up to return to earth for another day of adventuring.


If you’re looking to add a bit of magic to your visit to London, or are looking for a break from reality as a local, Duck and Waffle is open 24 hours a day, serving delights for whenever you’re looking to enjoy some escapism (it’s also a terrific for a spot of people watching).




Bookings can be made 3 months in advance so I urge that you do so; walk-ins are welcomed if you fancy your chances, you just might have a little wait on your hands.

Anyway, enough waffling on from me! Happy Eating.

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