Dun Cow

Saturday’s in summer, should be especially savoured – even more so when they’re drenched in delicious sunshine from dawn till dusk.

So far, it’s been a pretty excellent summer; with only one sticky-pre-thunder-storm-humid day to date and countless warm, sunshine-filled evenings under our belts – as British Summers go, we’re doing a crackin’ job.

Since our tiny island has successfully become more Mediterranean (for the time being), there’s been many more opportunities to dine al fresco; and if there’s any better feeling that catching some rays with good food on the way and a glass of chilled rosé to hand – I sure as heck don’t know it.

My friendship with Dan has been long-standing for about 9 years; back when we were late teens, very nearing our 20s; when a Saturday afternoons were spent sleeping off a hangover or out in desperate search of sustenance after a raucous night out after work with pals. Flash forward to nearing our 30s (gulp – still got a couple of years yet), with time a lot less plentiful and ability to shot tequila with less grimace than if it was a wheatgrass shot lacking; a rare free sunshine-filled afternoon in recent years meant one thing – country pub lunch.

I drove to Knutsford with the AC on full blast and a rumbling tummy; cutting down a blink-and-you-miss-it turning to find a classic country inn, the Dun Cow.


A snug of a pub, with soft, plush couches – perfect for sinking into with a big ole glass of red; and open fires to nestle into once the sun goes down. But until then, garden tables on the patio was the order of the day.




Ordering up a round of fresh coolers, Dan, his girlfriend Chloe and I caught up on our most recent antics before ordering from the varied yet refined menu, featuring everything from pub favourites to Cypriot-inspired classics, an influence from the owner.

Fish and Chips for Chloe with homemade tartar sauce (I may have pinched this for sampling purposes, I can confirm it was divine).


Crispy batter encasing flaky snow-white cod with plump, fluffed chips wearing golden, crunchy coats.


Hot beef ciabatta for Dan. Rich and soaked in gravy – always a crowd-pleaser.




Classic Greek Meze Board for me.


….with a unnecessary yet totally necessary side of chunky chips (show me a person who can see beef-dripping chips on a menu and say they can resist and I’ll show you a Grade A fibber).

Homemade tzatziki, houmous and olive tapenade; served with garlic pitta, greek salad and marinaded halloumi.


Fresh, flavourful and exactly what I wanted.

And the chips? Oh, the chips! A nursery favourite and positively sensational when dunked into a chilled pool of bright red Ketchup.



Full or not, there’s always room for some of Cheshire’s finest.

Just two scoops sir, I’m driving.


Is there anything more blissful than a summer afternoon in the sunshine? If there is, I’m still yet to find it – an unstoppable combination and even more wonderful when paired with friends.

Cheers to a sensational Summer, this is only just the beginning!


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