Ready for something short and sweet?

I’ve found a truly yummy little spot where you can guzzle your body weight in wine, nibble on some truly tremendous food all while soaking up the sunshine; sound too good to be true?

It’s not!

West Didsbury on a sunny Saturday afternoon, where you have nothing on your agenda but to stroll aimlessly around the village and maybe watch the river lazily flow by,  can feel like the ultimate indulgence – especially when paired with my (and soon to be yours,) favourite place – Sip.

Desperate not to waste any day which was uncharacteristically drenched in sunshine, my father and I decided a Dad and Daughter day was the very best way to spend our free afternoon and so set off in search of sustenance, which we found nestled on the notorious Burton Road.

Sip is the latest sanctuary in the neighbourhood’s long line of remarkable eateries, a charming spot, intimate, with tables delicately set for two and  an impressive array of wine – it’ll be gloriously snug come Autumn; but for now – snag yourself a table outside and make the most of the sunshine (it’s also much easier to people-watch from there).

The menu is an exquisite short story of small plates, each one as tempting as the last.

Order up a storm, I insist!

Grilled Halloumi with Roast Red Pepper Coulis and Green Olive Tapenade.



A mountain of Crispy Calamari, with a pot of aioli for obligatory dunking.



Pan Fried Mozzarella, wrapped lovingly in Parma Ham and served atop crispy sweet toasted bread.



Have you ever seen anything so perfect? (Bar babies, sunsets and Ryan Gosling’s face).

Crispy Brie, served with a perfect Peach & Coriander Compote.


No sooner did it arrive did we gobble this down with glee – a cheese-lovers dream and my favourite of the bunch.

And just in case you’re still peckish, I’d go with the Post Hot Dog.



Chistora, Melted Brie, Caramelised Onions, English Mustard Mayo.

Bloody marvellous.

Being the new kid on the block, Sip is still relatively quiet, a stark contrast to the hoard of custom I imagine it’ll receive once the Didsburites get wind of its modest excellence.

We stayed for an hour or two, enjoying the sun on our faces, the wine in our hands – and the jealous stares our food manifested from passers-by.

Undoubtedly the best way for anyone to spend a Saturday.

Get yourself booked in, before it becomes impossible!

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