School for Scandal

When it comes to creating the ideal Sunday, I have three non-negotiable factors for ultimate satisfaction:

Good Company
Nap breaks
A Sunday roast

Now, factor 1 and factor 2 you kind of have to take the reigns with; but factor 3? I think I might be able to help with that.

Now, Sunday roasts are a big deal; ask any Brit who makes the best and you’ll hear a unanimous roar of appreciation for mums, dads, grans and grandads who boast the creation of a proper roast, homemade, drenched in gravy and served with a side of sass (if your family is anything like mine).

But some days, you crave the treat of Sunday lunch out and away from a crowded kitchen; where you won’t have to fight for the last roast potato, but can be spoiled by attentive servers and sink into soft, plush booths until a pleasingly large portion of roast beef you didn’t get hand cramp from trying to carve yourself arrives.

You’ll find School for Scandal tucked away on First Street, the latest addition to the buzzing neighbourhood. It’s attention to detail apparent in both exterior and interior; the setting is relaxing yet opulent, enhanced by atmospheric live music; DJs for Friday and Saturday, and an acoustic band on Sundays.



Snuggle in to your cosy nook and order a cocktail.


You’ll be spoilt for choice, but your server will happily recommend your next new favourite.


You can choose from their main menu or opt for their Sunday Session (at a reasonable £15) which promises your choice of roast meat, complete with all the trimmings.

Opting for beef and ordering it pink; its arrival was a handsome sight. Carrot and suede, roasties, buttery greens and cabbage were piled high, the cauliflower a side of melt-in-the-mouth cheesy perfection.



Loading up forkfuls of tender meat and fluffy Yorkshire, this exceptional combination turned irresistible when dunked into the pool of thick, rich gravy.






I have no doubt you’ll clean your plate, but take a short recovery period, then nod vicariously when asked if you’d like to see the dessert menu.



The puddings are somewhat irresistible. The Crullers were good, homemade and doughy; the chocolate sauce accompaniment just slighty too bitter for my taste, (maybe butterscotch sauce would work better?)





The Sticky Toffee Pudding however, was simply sublime.



Swimming in a gloriously thick pool of golden nectar, and topped with a scoop of Snow White ice cream. Super naughty and well worth going to detention for.

As Sunday’s go, this was a pretty tasty one and School for Scandal definitely deserves notable mention on your Sunday lunch list.

Good, proper Sunday feasting which will leave you feeling warm and cosy on the inside and out.

Open daily from 12pm, you can find full details of their menu and drinks list on their website. School dinners just got hella more exciting.

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