Mornings are for coffee and contemplation, and I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing like pondering a life-changing decision to really gets my appetite going.

A few years ago, I really thought I would have this life figured out by now; but the unfortunate thing about growing up, is that you actually end up finding yourself on a never-ending rollercoaster of getting your shit messed up by decisions dressed as “hopeful opportunities”.

We’re told that we’re blessed to have the freedom and the ability to make our own decisions; but sometimes, I sure wish there was a kind, albeit forceful dictator to take the luxury of choice out of my hands. Choice provides opportunities, but it also is the cousin of doubt, fear and the consequence of doing the wrong thing.

Which is why I thank goodness for good friends to talk through these uncertain times, and for brunch for always having my back – and for a generous plateful of smashed avo, which is always paired best with a squeeze of “its-all-gonna-be-okay”.

A new little place has opened in Urmston that embodies a calm and cosy ambience which is perfect for such brain-melting occasions.




Light-wooded furnishings and a plethora of freshly-baked cakes make up the interior, complemented by the sunny disposition of its staff.

Taking a seat, we ordered up two cups of ambition and a glass of sunshine, to make up for the weather, which was seriously lacking its dose of vitamin D.



The menu is comfortingly simple, fresh offerings combined with homely classics and daily specials to make you dither. Not wanting to complicate our lives more than they already were, we straightforwardly chose two basic but beautiful players:

Avocado Toast.



Avocado topped with crumbled feta and marinated with fresh mint, a drizzle of olive oil, squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of Aleppo pepper flakes.

Few get this classic wrong and Kin is no exception. Zingy, fresh and light.




Chestnut mushrooms, combined with cream cheese and parsley, served on sourdough and garnished with saffron.

The show stealer of the two, creamy and ever-so-slightly indulgent, you won’t want to share (but we did).

We talked through our troubles, taking it in turns to help right each others wrongs – realising that life isn’t always going to be served sunny side up, but with the right people by your side, you have a hope of making a decent meal out of life, even if it does seem a bit scrambled at times.




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