Jackson & Rye

You know what I kinda love a teensy bit more than a weekend brunch? A weekday brunch.

There’s something sadistically glorious about watching bleary-eyed commuters mentally psych themselves up for the day, while you’re smug in the knowledge that your “Out of Office” will be confidently batting away any FOA’s in your absence for another day.

It had been an impromptu trip to London, for Kim, Sammy and I; Kim had some life admin to box off in the big smoke, and never ones to miss out the opportunity of a road trip, Sammy and I decided to join her for the ride.

Armed with red wine (for post-road trip tipples), the “My Dad Wrote a Porno” podcast for when we were tired of talking (rare, but it happens), and enough car snacks to receive questioning looks from the lady manning the Toll booth; we journeyed down to Richmond for a coupla’ days of gal time.

The first day, it rained, Kim bossed her life admin, and we celebrated with cocktails in Portobello. The second day, the sun shone in all its golden glory and so, in the name of carbo-loading for the long drive ahead, we set off in search of brunch.


Richmond is quite the classy area, it has it’s own Jo Malone shop, Itsu AND Whole Foods (I know, right?) It’s the kind of place you’d live with your Publishing House director husband, and your two children, Tarquin and Hattie (short for Harriet, natch); but twas also the place we stomped around in our Doc Martens and exclaimed; “look how clean this place is!” A monotone louder than we should have.

After some strolling, we happened upon Jackson and Rye, which overlooked the water and had an outdoor seating area drenched in Autumnal sunshine.




The menu looked promising and comprised vamped up breakfast classics, pancakes and more; we placed our food order with coffees and awaited our feast.


The Forager


Poached eggs served with halloumi, wilted spinach with kale, tomato salsa, avocado, portobello mushroom, spiced black beans and a slice of granary.

A fair veggie brekkie, but the halloumi could have been a little more generous and most of the components are guilty by nature of carrying excess water, resulting in an unfortunate swimming pool on the plate. The solution? Serve the granary toast with the avo and salsa atop, 86 the spinach and serve the kale crispy.


Avocado ‘Florentine’



Eggs, served over buttery spinach and snuggled in avocado cups, smothered in hollandaise, served with watercress and granary toast.

On the whole, Jackson and Rye’s menu has potential – but the execution is slightly amiss. I’m inclined to believe it would be better at the weekend – however in a city that is in abundance of brunch joints, it may not have the opportunity for a second chance.

What I can recommend however, is dusting off your Doc’s and going for a mooch with the pals who don’t care if you forget to brush your hair some days, it’ll do you the world of good and will sustain you for longer than an avo toast ever will; if you manage to get a decent serving of both however, well that’s a pretty decent Wednesday.






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