The Bay Horse Tavern

Ah Autumn, a season served on a platter of crisp, burnt orange leaves,  beautiful frosty mornings and golden afternoons. I get unashamedly giddy during the months between Halloween and Christmas; tis the time of year for piping hot stews, served with a doorstop of buttered bread, bonfires with hot toddy’s and wedges of pumpkin pie.

When the coming-months are this delicious, every outing is an occasion to indulge; which is exactly what I intended to do when The Bay Horse Tavern invited me to take a sneak peek at their upcoming Christmas menu.

The Bay Horse Tavern is simple, classically British with a pleasingly rich colour scheme. Found on Thomas Street in the Northern Quarter, it’s a cosy hideaway complete with extensive range of gins, craft beers and other libations.

Having heard that the table was festively dressed, the Cocchi Americano arrived suitably attired, desperate not to show himself up.



Delicious and refreshing, as every dinner guest should be.

Round one was pretty retro.




Prawn Cocktail, reminiscent of your Nan’s signature family do dish.


Goats Cheese and Beetroot Salad ; nothing groundbreaking here, but a light, sharp yet slightly sweet plate. Ideal for what’s round the corner…


…Okay another cocktail,  but also…




Pork belly filled with apricot and sausage meat, served with gloriously rich gravy, pigs in blankets, roasties, cauli-cheese, roasted carrot, parsnips and a side of my jeans no longer fit me.

Comforting and homely. Good proper festive food (and twice as nice when enjoyed wearing a paper cracker crown).


The Mushroom Wellington was not the veggie delight I had anticipated.


Despite being an unconvertible carnivore – occasionally, I dig a veggie variation; however there are a few amends I’d make to this pastry puff fellow…


While the reality was filled with button mushrooms (the least flavourful of all mushrooms) and wilted spinach; I would have preferred to have seen a meaty mushroom patty, an amalgamation of portobello, chestnut, shiitake, juicy and placed over a creamy blue cheese layer and encased in buttery pastry; a true rival of its beef counterpart.

A Mushroom Wellington has the ability to be truly tremendous – please make it so.

Now, let’s talk puddings…


Winter Berry Crumble


Unapologetically spilling from its vessel (as all good puds should), this was pleasantly tart, wintery wonderful and benefitted from a sumptuously sweet crisp top.

Sticky Toffee Pudding



Spongy, sweet, syrupy perfection.

Enough said.

If you have the gruelling task of organising your Christmas get-together, The Bay Horse Tavern will most certainly have a gin for that.

Full Christmas Menu can be found below, launch date TBC, but I’d highly recommend  giving their daily menu a try should you find yourself in the area.


Holidays are a’comin friends – GET EXCITED.



Photos taken by me and my buddy Ben G (if you’re wondering who’s are who’s – his are the better ones). 


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