Eating my way through November

I don’t know about you, but for me November flew by in a flurry.

A wild month inclusive of food nights with friends, a whistle-stop tour of Belgium, one house move, a long weekend in London and celebrations for my 28th year! Pretty hectic huh?

But rather than bore you with the details of each occasion, I thought I’d take you on a visual journey of the tantalising delights which passed my lips during the past 30 days…

The first of the month saw me in a very flattering hospital gown as I underwent a very minor operation. I had to go under general – which if you’ve ever been under general anaesthetic you’ll know means you’re not allowed to eat anything until AFTER your operation.

Never has a pile of Warburton’s Toastie ever been more attractive to me…


When you’re poorly, your mates buy you cake and I think that’s just fab (Carrot and Pecan is my new Autumn fave).


Kim and I went for Vietnamese food at Mi and Pho. I had the Pork Belly…


Oh! And some chicken wings.


November was a pretty emotional month. One of my dearest friend’s Kim (same Kim as above) followed her dreams to San Francisco, thankfully her leaving party at GrubMCR featured some off-the- chain Arancini, which did a stellar job of distracting us from the impending distress.


Crab and Mascarpone (a mouthful of happiness).


Short Rib Beef Ragu (forever my favourite combination of words).

If you ever have a 6am flight to Belgium, and you think going out the night before, getting giddy off gin and going straight from night out to airport is a good idea…it won’t be your best, but maybe do it anyway – it’ll make a fun story.

Shout out to Nutella-drenched waffles for getting me through an all-nighter/dayer.


My Flemish friend Deborah recommended Chez Leon for moules frites in Brussels.


Mussels, fries, beer and passive aggressive service for €12?


Sign me up.

The next day we took a day trip to Ghent. After trying and failing twice to find a decent brunch, we stumbled upon a cute cafe. Now, don’t let the grey bread fool you – this sandwich was a sensation.


Goats cheese, honey, apple and rocket on raisin bread – banging.

We then went in search of the best Hot Chocolate in Belgium (with a side ordering of culture…)


Side note: give me free reign to order and you will always get more than what is maybe required.

Want a close up of that Praline and Marshmallow Hot Chocolate?



No sooner had I landed off the plane from Belgium did I find myself tucked up at The Swan with Two Nicks eating a Fish Finger Butty. Honey? I’m home!


The following week was my mum’s and my annual trip to London. A long weekend of walking, sight-seeing, shopping and….


The daily 30,000 steps were fuelled by only the finest of London schnacks…


My heart now belongs to the Cinnamon Scroll doughnut.

And coffee!


Lots and lots of coffee


I FINALLY got to Pizza Pilgrims, those fella’s did not disappoint.


Sun-scorched crust, gooey mozzy topping >> A+


Oh and  if you go – the Mac and Cheese balls are essential.


As is the Tiramisu for afters.


How could I forget cocktails and charcuterie at Portobello Star?

Order one each (trust, it’s real hard to share something so good).


If you’re looking for the best burger you’ll put in your mouth this winter – hit up Bleecker Burger.

Get a Black and White Shake too (ice cream with a straw).




Imma tell you all about Bao in a separate post…but here’s a sneak peek:



The following weekend I moved in with my friend Sammy.

Now, the pictured sandwich I made to keep me going during home improvements looks hella dry – but it was chicken, bacon, lettuce and mayo and SO GOOD.

Really put a stop to any stress I was feeling as a result to unruly Ikea furniture and getting tangled in masking tape.


Fun fact – the “Club” in Club Sandwich stands for Chicken, lettuce under bacon #themoreyouknow

The Christmas Markets are officially open in Manchester! Which means you too can share your personal space with strangers whilst simultaneously getting rinsed from overpriced food stalls.


Brie Wish You a Merry Christmas from Northern Soul Grilled Cheese:


Worth every penny and accidental frisk from fellow festive enthusiasts.


The Cookie Dough Stall is also well worth a visit if your blood sugar is low.


My birthday also fell on this weekend! It was very low-key. I went to the opening of Dishoom (*squeal* – anyone else been waiting years for this momentous occasion? Blog post to follow…) I did some decorating and I subjected Jan and my brother to the requests of making my favourite Chicken Lasagne and a cake almost as big as me.


*hallelujah chorus*



Every bit as good as it looks.

Round about this time my jeans started to get a little tight…


So Hullo halloumi salads!

What a month huh? It was pretty damn delicious.

Restaurants mentioned:

Mi & Pho

Pizza Pilgrims 

Bleecker Burger

Portobello Star


Northern Soul Grilled Cheese 

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